The Child and Books

Excellent post on the feel of a book!


reading poster It’s inescapable.  There is nothing quite like the moment a child opens a book for the first time.  They discover with eyes and mind a magic that is fresh and new.  If they’re lucky, they make the discovery at home, with a book gifted to them.  And it should be a real book, specially produced for children.  I’m inclined to say that it should also be  something more than just any book.  I still remember some of the books I encountered as a child, and believe me when I say that that was a very long time ago.  I won’t list titles.  They’re not important to this discussion.  It’s the sensations that they gave rise to.

A book, with a hard cover, a brightly illustrated jacket protecting a surprisingly plain cover.  The jacket entices, hints at wonders to be discovered within.  The plain cover, in time, will give rise to…

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