The Writing Chimp, Georgina Cromarty: 7 Stunning Libraries

Book Lover’s Heaven from Georgina Cromarty!

G.L. Cromarty

The inner book nerd is delighted by this collection. Beautiful buildings full of beautiful books.

1. Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland



2. Mexico City Library


3. Stuttgart Library


4. New York Library


5. The Library of El Escorial in Madrid, Spain



6. Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, Czech Republic


Untitled 27



7. Admont Abbey Library in Admont, Austria


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Can you Make and Sell an Audiobook if your Book is on KDP Select?

Lit World Interviews

Yes you can. Short books and audiobooks are the in thing right now. Lots of Indies are working with ACX to have their books made into audio to sell with Amazon’s Audible. You can either pay a narrator and keep all your royalties, or you can opt to share the audiobook’s royalties with the narrator, in which case you pay nothing upfront. Unfortunately this service isn’t available to authors anywhere other than the United States and the United Kingdom. I would definitely use this service if it was available to me, and if any of you scribblers haven’t yet explored the possibilities of audio, it looks to be well worth the effort to have a look.

I have seen a few authors who refuse to have any part of Audible, because of their seven year exclusive distribution rights and insistence on the use of DRM though, so not everyone…

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Jennie Orbell: So …Here’s The News!

Jennie Orbell is the funniest person I know…and now her blogs are all in one spot! Fantastic and Congratulations!

Two Chucks and a Tabby Cat by Jennie Orbell

jennie orbell

Hi All

So …as promised in my last post, some exciting news to share with you all …and I want to share it herefirst because, in a way, it is all down to you guys. Why? Because you have read, supported, liked, and commented on this blog for the last (almost) 3 years and because of you lovely people making it ‘popular’ it has now been published (U P Publishers) in eBook and paperback.

To be honest I am more than a little surprised that anyone ever wanted to read my ramblings. After all, what it so interesting about my little life? A life filled with shouting at Richard, picking up chicken pooh and rescuing frogs, baby birds, spiders, bumble bees and worms from Chea?

‘Two Chucks And A Tabby Cat – Book One’ starts at the beginning of the blog, in 2012, at the time when Chea arrived…

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Creating an Audiobook on a Shoestring | Savvy Book Writers

. by Patrick Jones, Author of The Wolf’s Moon . The Wolf’s

via Creating an Audiobook on a Shoestring | Savvy Book Writers.

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones #ACX #Audible #Audiobook #Amazon