An Audiobook Experience: “The Wolf’s Moon” by Patrick Jones

Nicholas Rossis features “The Wolf’s Moon” ACX Audible Audio Book newly released!!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Audiobook sales increased 12% from 2008 to 2013, reaching 1.6 billion dollars in sales in 2013 alone. No wonder, then, that Abigail Young’s guest post on audiobooks proved to be quite a big hit with you. In the comments, my author friend Patrick Jones mentioned that he and his wife, Sandy, had already gone down that route. I asked for a guest post, to share their experience, and they kindly delivered in record time. Enjoy!

“The Wolf’s Moon” by Patrick Jones: Bringing the BEAST to life in Audiobook

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones After publishing “The Wolf’s Moon,” my wife and I worked very hard to make it a success and a reading pleasure for all. We worked hours to publish and deliver to the reading public a product they would love. Those were the key words: Reading public.

There was a vast segment of the population that we missed. They are the ones…

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Nicholas Rossis

Nicholas Rossis

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Patrick Jones author The Wolf's Moon, The Linden Chronicles, Book 1

Patrick Jones, author


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Just Olga


Just Olga: #Newbook ‘The River’ by Patrick Jones (@PatrickJones56). You’ve been warned!

Featured on Just Olga! Most honored to be included in her author collection!

Just Olga

Hi all:

It’s Friday and day for new books. And today it’s time to get scared, really scared.

I met Patrick Jones and family (they are great supporters of his writing) on Twitter and I’ve been following his career ever since. He blogs about writing, shares fascinating videos of his garden, and is generous sharing other writers’ work.

Author Patrick Jones Author Patrick Jones

Pat Jones was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. His special interests include the science of paleoanthropology and archaeology.  Woodworking is one of his favorite hobbies, with special emphasis on the unique grains and textures of various species of trees. He and his wife, Sandy, thrive on designing and creating a flower garden of perennials, second to none! Constantly evolving, the garden began as a way that he could surprise his wife on her birthday. The rest is history! The garden now spans one forth of an acre!

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