Inesemjphotography: Elena Shumilova’s Dream

Source: Elena Shumilova’s Dream


Inese with Elena Shumilova

12 thoughts on “Inesemjphotography: Elena Shumilova’s Dream

    • You are so welcome Inese!! Your pictures are so beautiful! I have another that I want to reblog about the owls, but am wondering if I can copy the top 3 tier owl pix to add to the original page (since it’s copyrighted I wanted to make sure to ask!) Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures to enjoy!!

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      • Patrick, I am happy you like the owls, and please do whatever you think looks better for your blog 🙂 And by the way, I am planning on a photoshoot involving two amazing German shepherds – very wolf-like guys. Your book inspired me 😉

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      • Thanks Inese…didn’t want to copy without your permission for the pix on the blog…when you press…the picture doesn’t come over whereas with the reblog it does…maybe what I should do is press…then go to the original article…reblog and get the pix that way! That would be even better!! I am so exited about the photoshoot with the two German Shepherds!! I can’t wait to see them…hmmm….maybe should contract you to purchase your picture for the next book???? hmmmm…interesting! Maybe the sequel?? hmmmmm! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

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      • Patrick, I am not selling anything to my blogger friends 🙂 You guys provide me with great books to read.
        What if you click on the picture and when it opens in a larger format, save it As and post where you like? I don’t mind.
        Raining this weekend, hope to meet with the dogs’ family in a fortnight 🙂


      • I couldn’t possibly!! Think of the hours and hours of work you put into those great photographs!! I am sure that those pictures will be awesome!! I have a great picture Sandy took in the fog for the next book…she says it’s just not the beauty of yours…but I think it’s great! You will have to let me know when it comes out what you think of it!!

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