26 thoughts on “NICK VERRON: About me – Never, ever give up!!

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    I have been waiting to reblog this one since I ran across it late last night. You have to read this, seriously! As most of you know in the past, I go out and find new blogs to reblog so that can get more exposed, but this one will have you in tears and cheering at the same time. And if you follow Sue Vicent or Patrick you might already know about this.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting, Michael! I also enjoy reading your post on your blog and have found a number of great points!! I will be implementing some on my blog so stay tuned for a few changes! But you are right…this story is up there with the best heartwarming achievements and an inside look at all of the struggles to get to this point in his life. I told Sue he should be a motivational speaker…and she replied that Wednesday (today I think) he is speaking. Can you imagine what his possibilities may be in life! Awesome is the only word to describe him!! 🙂

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