Saturday Morning Coffee – with Hector Sampson, Patrick and Sandra Jones.

Sandy and I are so honored to be quests on Sally Cronin’s Special Saturday Morning Coffee! Sandy couldn’t get a video because I was on my way out to the country but I promise to have it for you next time. Love to all and cyberhuggy bears!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and all of the other wonderful Holidays celebrated by wonderful people around the world. Take care!!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life


Things have been a little hectic around here for the last few weeks with keeping the house polished and garden trimmed should there be any interest from potential buyers. My daily blog has certainly kept me upbeat and whilst I of course love wielding my feather duster, I do prefer to be sat here talking to you lot!

I am always delighted to receive an award from another blogger and recently I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by two friends who share this space here on WordPress. Hector Sampson of and Patrick Jones of

I am way behind with my responses so I hope that these two charming gentlemen will accept my apologies and allow me to have them over to coffee this morning instead.

Behind many of us crazy writers is someone with their feet on the ground as they fulfil a huge…

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee – with Hector Sampson, Patrick and Sandra Jones.”

    1. Thank you so much, Teagan!! Yes….coffee was wonderful at Sally’s place!! Took the week off to enjoy Thanksgiving and am now trying to catch up!! Have a great week and mega hugs back your way!! 🙂


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