19 thoughts on “Chris McMullen: Kindle Unlimited: Global Expansion and Impact

  1. Only books that are in the KDP Select programme are available in Unlimited. If you publish anywhere else, and therefore not in KDP Select, your books aren’t available through Unlimited. Also, I imagine that all books traditionally published won’t be there either, unless they have a different deal with publishers. Mine aren’t because I publish with other people too.

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    • Thanks Olga! I wasn’t quite sure how it worked with Inese’s question because I just do exclusive Amazon, but good information from those who do various platforms. Thanks so very much! Have a great day Olga 🙂


  2. I am not using Unlimited… Should I? I wonder if all books are available in Unlimited. For some reason I think they are not, and it is why I am buying them separately even though It costs me more.


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