24 thoughts on “Inesemjphotography: Meet the Past: Dolmens and Fairy Raths”

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I took off to America tonight with all the house – this morning my Micra already acted like a submarine on my way to the photo shoot, and now the things are only getting worse with that storm Frank hitting Ireland.


      2. Wow…are you getting it there now? We are cresting and it is amazing how the major highways are closed both ways. I cannot believe they do not have a back-up system for the water purification in some places where they are underwater. We are lucky here because our little creek dumps into the Bourboeuse River and they all dump into the Mississippi or the Missouri Rivers. Now our creek is down…as is the pond and we are thankful the house is on a hill…very sad about all of the houses that are underwater… 😦

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      3. Yes, it is very sad. After a flood claim they won’t get flood cover again. Many insurers won’t include flood cover if your house is located near a river 😦 This year we got the worst flooding in years. Everything looks surreal.


      4. Wow…all the major highways are all closed here with the Missouri and the Missouri Rivers both cresting today…People can’t get anywhere…You’re right…those who do not have insurance may be able to get help from FEMA…the Federal Emergency Management for floods but in essence…they have to start all over. Even places that have never flooded before. Did the floods affect you at all?

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      5. Even those who live in the elevated areas are affected when they are cut off from the rest of the world 🙂 Carrick on Suir is very badly flooded, and it is on my way to almost everywhere. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get to Clonmel, that is flooded too. Two days ago I already crossed a flooded part of a country road, pretty deep, but thankfully only two lengths of my car. The rain won’t stop until the mid January.


  1. Love the photos and the information. I found it very interesting, which will lead me on to a full search. Thank you, I do so enjoy all you post.


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