Sue Vincent: The sound of silence

Interesting information about a hearing condition called tinnitus from Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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Today there will be a two minute silence, an act of Remembrance. How many will hear it?


‘Quite. Do you realise that the word silent and the word listen are comprised of the same set of letters arranged in a different order?’

‘And what can be gained from listening to the silence I wonder?’

‘Well, nothing actually because you can’t listen to silence you have to listen in silence. Try it!’”

Heart of Albion: Tales from the Wondrous Head

Outside the world sleeps, birds are silent, there is no noise from the road in the pre-dawn darkness. I have to get up. It was the silence that woke me. It often does.

The kettle is on, filling the kitchen with prophetic, protective noise. The fridge hums and the computer whirrs. The dog whimpers and chases birds in her dreams, snoring occasionally. I am grateful. It is, for me, a…

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10 thoughts on “Sue Vincent: The sound of silence”

      1. True…only if you have it do you appreciate the silence, but will be good information for those out there that don’t know what they may have. Is there any medication that helps?


      2. No, neither medication nor specific treatment, that’s one of the problems with it. There are so many potential causes and it is little understood. It can be part of another underlying condition, though, so it is still essential to go and see a physician.


      3. Interesting. Did you have a lot of ear infections when you were young? But it is interesting that you and Nick share the same affliction…you can relate to it. Hope it gets better and you start hearing again! 🙂


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