Giethoorn: The Village Without Roads

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The village Giethoorn has no roadswater-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-9
But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get around…water-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-3
The most common mode of transportation is by “whisper boats”, which have noiseless engineswater-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-10
Therefore, the village is very peaceful…water-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-12
The loudest sounds you’ll hear is probably the quacking of a duck (well, when it isn’t flooded with tourists, of course)water-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-4
Also known as “the Venice of the Netherlands”, this magical village was founded around 1230water-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-11
Its first inhabitants found numerous peat deposits and dug many holes over the yearswater-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-13
Eventually, these holes turned into lakeswater-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-6
The newly created islands were connected with more than 176 bridgeswater-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-5
Which give the village a cozy fairy-tale touch…water-village-no-roads-canals-giethoorn-netherlands-8

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