16 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hello Patrick, I just wanted to tell you I finished the book this morning- The Wolf’s Moon and now I am in “Dire” need for the next one, LOL. I can’t wait to get the next one. Loved it!!! Thank you


    • Michelle,
      I am truly glad that you did enjoy “The Wolf’s Moon.” Thanks for all of your help! Again, the next book hopefully will be out late summer, early fall. Keep an eye out on the website for updates. Working on some short stories as well. Have a great day! Your pal, Pat


    • Andrea,
      I had a medical problem and I haven’t been able to write, but I have the sequel well under way! Hopefully I will publish sometime this summer. Thanks so much for writing!


      • Hello Mr. Jones,
        So sorry to hear about the problem. I hope it is resolvable if not resolved. Do take care.
        Thanks for The Wolf’s Moon! I’ve had it on my Kindle and just concluded it today. Parenting included, it took me part of Thursday and the remaining 60% today. Great read. Having read your recent response projecting a possible summer publication, I shall be waiting. I especially appreciated and smiled through the more direct narration of Moe’s battle with the wolf. Wonderful and unusual element. Thanks again :-))


      • Sherleen,
        Thanks for your concern about my health. I am doing much better and writing is much easier now. I am so very glad that you enjoyed “The Wolf’s Moon”!! Moe was one of my favorite characters of the book. Again, hopefully the book will be ready for publication late summer or early fall. Thank you very much for the email! It is great when I get a response from my fans. Have a great day and a great summer and keep watching the website for the announcement of the next book! Pat


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