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Myths of the Mirror

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Well, I have a gift for you today. NO, it’s not a book. Phew!

A friend of mine shared a link with me, and when I opened it, I gasped. My knees turned to syrup, and I wiped tears of delight from my eyes. I’d struck writing gold.

Brandon Sanderson, the highly successful author of Mistborn and The Way of Kings fame, teaches a master’s level class at BYU for fantasy and science-fiction writers. The class is so popular that only a small number of interested students actually get to enroll. In response to the flood of despair, the entire series of winter lectures were videotaped and are available on YouTube at zero cost.

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You don’t write sci-fi or fantasy, you say.

I will assert, while skipping in circles with excitement, that the ideas he presents are 99% applicable to all fiction writing. He…

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Writers Write – Amanda Patterson: How To Survive A Relationship With A Writer

This is a great article from Amanda Patterson from Writers Write about How to Survive a Relationship with a writer.  I can relate to all of these points 🙂


Patrick Jones Author The Wolf's Moon, The Linden Chronicles Book 1

Patrick Jones, Author

The Truth About Being “Published” | Savvy Book Writers

. . In a recent meeting of authors I overheard one of them to talk about his publishing contract, and that he was surprised to find a clause “that the

via The Truth About Being “Published” | Savvy Book Writers.

Savvy Book Writers: The Truth about Being Published


Chris The Story Reading Ape and the AMAZING Naughty Chimps! An excellent author promotion site!

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1129FC0C49D9D12716D39FINTRODUCING my NAUGHTY CHIMPS warming up to visit those authors who have not yet sent me their Guest Author or other articles for my blog 

My thanks to author Ali Isaac for pointing me to their activities 🙂

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5 Famous Authors Who Fought the Odds

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5 Authors Who Fought the Odds and Lived their Passion

Life experience and passion are necessary to make any kind of writing pop off the page. The most famous authors today have meshed their life’s work, or their favorite hobbies, with their writing. Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, John Grisham and Robin Cook are a few of the authors that have written to their passion by writing about the subjects with which they are most familiar.

The writing of many authors seems more real because it is infused with their own life experiences. Some writers are inspired by personal tragedy or political beliefs. Some authors are motivated by a dysfunctional childhood to create a unique writing style or imaginary world.


Who are Some Famous Authors Who Have Survived Incredible Odds?

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (1830–1886) was an American poet who lived a mostly introverted and reclusive life. She was considered eccentric. Although she was a prolific poet, fewer…

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