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Sue Vincent: The sound of silence

Interesting information about a hearing condition called tinnitus from Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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Today there will be a two minute silence, an act of Remembrance. How many will hear it?


‘Quite. Do you realise that the word silent and the word listen are comprised of the same set of letters arranged in a different order?’

‘And what can be gained from listening to the silence I wonder?’

‘Well, nothing actually because you can’t listen to silence you have to listen in silence. Try it!’”

Heart of Albion: Tales from the Wondrous Head

Outside the world sleeps, birds are silent, there is no noise from the road in the pre-dawn darkness. I have to get up. It was the silence that woke me. It often does.

The kettle is on, filling the kitchen with prophetic, protective noise. The fridge hums and the computer whirrs. The dog whimpers and chases birds in her dreams, snoring occasionally. I am grateful. It is, for me, a…

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Nick Verron: 2015 UKABIF Conference


Nick Verron

Hi peeps,

I’ve had a pretty mental week. Supremely re/ a-warding though…(certainly not relating to the calibre of my jokes!)

On Wednesday, 11 November I went to the 2015 UKABIF conference in London. I thought it was just to say a few words about why I’d chosen to raise money for this awesome charity and be presented with a thank you type award.

I got up on the stage expecting this to happen. It did not. At all.

Psyching myself up... Psyching myself up…

The speaker announcing the awards started describing little old me. And then announced to everybody, including me, that I had won the ‘Stephen McAleese award for inspiration by an individual in the field of ABI’!!

Have a look at this link to see just how amazing this man was and hopefully you will see why this is such an honour:

Award presented by John and Susan McAleese, Stephen's parents Award presented by John and Susan McAleese, Stephen’s parents

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Nick Verron: Introductory Post


Nick Verron


Greetings all!

To anyone that doesn’t know who I am, I’ve managed to fill out the “about” section of this blog and you will probably find it quite informative. My main aim in life at the moment is to help people (me included!) outside the blogosphere. I’m afraid this means I will sometimes not have the time that I would like in order to keep up promptly with the awesome people on this site.  Please do not think I’m being rude, it’s just that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Especially when things that would normally take you a relatively short time, take me much longer.

To the bloggers that have followed my story on my mum’s blog and been regularly posting comments – THANK YOU. I feel like I know you all very well now. My wanting to help others is partly because of your kind words. Hearing your…

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