Barbequing: St. Louis Style

Okay, I usually distance myself from politics.  Everyone has an opinion and that can be good.  I try to voice my thoughts in my writing.

That is what I’m doing now.

Just who in the h e double l does the EPA think it is wanting to regulate backyard Q’s in St. Louis, Missouri?

Car exhaust is one thing but a barbeque fire is totally another.

pork steaks barbequeCooking a pork steak over a slow fire of briquettes can be close to a religious experience.

Picture this:  It’s a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It’s a cool, sunny day…maybe a few wispy clouds floating gently past.  The coals in the pit are white but the grill is cool.  Ever so slowly the meat cooks as the smoke exits through the chimney.

Budweiser BeerYou sit in a lounge chair, sipping a beer while listening to your favorite baseball team.

Your neighbor asks, “What’s the score?”

You toss him a cold, frosty Bud and say, “Six to three in the bottom of the seventh, us.”

Getting out of your chair, you slide the lid back and check everything.  The coals look good and it is time to turn the meat and open another beer, when you realize they just pulled the starter for a new “Lefty Reliever.”

Maull's Barbeque SauceYour wife, boyfriend, or whoever, brings you a pan full of “Maull’s” Bar-B-Que sauce.


Coca ColaTaking a can of Coke from the cooler, you pour the contents into the sauce and place it on the grill to heat up.

Twenty minutes later, the pork steaks are ready to simmer in the sauce while all the neighbors wished that they were friendlier to you.  They know they could just light their grill but the food never is as good.

By the time the game is over (and the Cardinals win) you and your partner sit at the patio having a dinner that cannot be bought at any Bar-B-Que joint.

Pork Steaks with Maull's Barbeque Sauce

Hey, EPA, are you hungry yet??

If not I can keep going.

Anheuser Busch St. Louis MissouriSt. Louis is heaped in heritage and backyard BBQ’s are one of them, along with baseball and beer.

You guys at the EPA need to get into your backyard, and get a life.  Have a couple of cold frosty ones, talk to your neighbors over the fence and eat a pork steak, or a burger and hot dogs.

Above all, RELAX.  That is what eating BBQ is all about.

I rest my case…