United with our Friends Across the Pond…Royaume avec nos amis à travers l’étang

Children at Beach

First in French, and then followed by English.
Ordinairement, je garde mes distances de la politique. Je pense que la politique est comme la religion ou les saveurs de crème glacée.
Après vendredi dernier, je ne vais pas pour être tranquille.
L'été dernier, ma fille et petite-fille ont passé plusieurs semaines en Grande-Bretagne. Pendant qu'ils étaient là, ils ont passé la journée à Paris, la ville des lumières.
Les gens que je l'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer de la France sont des gens merveilleux. Ils ne sont pas différents de nous, ils parlent seulement une langue différente.
Je suis resté jusqu'à vendredi soir (vendredi 13) et regardé Fox Nouvelles et Shepard Smith rapport que la terreur se déroulait à Paris.
Je regardais les rues ont été inondées de gens qui courent pour leur vie, couverts de sang; le sang de ces malheureux qui se trouvaient blessé ou pire - morts.
Peut-être que certains ne peuvent pas imaginer regarder dans les yeux d'un homme ou d'une femme morte. Ou encore la peur sur les visages comme ils vous demander de ne pas les laisser mourir et il n'y a pas un putain de chose que vous pouvez faire.
Je pense que des monstres qui ont causé la mort tous. Monster est pas un mot assez fort. La langue anglaise ne possède pas un mot pour désigner un tel mal.
Ces animaux qui ont causé tout le carnage apprécié la mort qu'ils pleuvent sur les hommes et les femmes non armés qui étaient pour un vendredi soir avec leurs amis et familles.
Un moment vous, oui vous, êtes assis à une table sur le trottoir, en dégustant une tasse de café avec des amis ou que l'un ami spécial que vous aimez delà de l'amour, et la prochaine il n'y a rien, sauf le chaos; un chaos inconnu qui ne peut pas être mis en mots.
Je me suis senti chanceux et reconnaissant à Dieu que ma fille et petite-fille ont passé des jours merveilleux à travers l'étang, rencontrer des gens qu'ils vont E-mail pour les années à venir.
Au moins, je l'espère et je prie Dieu au-dessus qu'ils seront en mesure de le faire.
La France a déclaré la guerre. Tant mieux pour eux.
Avons-nous besoin d'un autre 9-11 de se tenir à côté de notre allié le plus long? Je ne prie pas.
I love ma fille et petite-fille ...
Ordinarily, I keep my distance from politics. I feel that politics is like religion or flavors of ice cream.
  After last Friday, I am not going to be quiet.
  Last summer, my daughter and granddaughter spent several weeks in Great Britain. While they were there they spent the day in Paris, the City of Lights. 
  The people I have had the pleasure of meeting from France are wonderful people. They are no different from us they just speak a different language. 
  I stayed up Friday night (Friday the 13th) and watched Fox News and Shepard Smith report as the terror was taking place in Paris. 
  I watched as the streets were flooded with people running for their lives, covered in blood; the blood of those unfortunate people who lay wounded or worse - dead. 
  Maybe some cannot imagine looking into the eyes of a dead man or woman. Or yet the fear on the faces as they ask you not to let them die and there is not a damn thing you can do.
 I think of the monsters that caused all the death. Monster is not a strong enough word. The English language does not have a word to denote such evil. 
  Those animals that caused all of the carnage enjoyed the death that they rained over unarmed men and women that were out for a Friday evening with their friends and families.
 One moment you, yes you, are sitting at a curbside table, enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or that one special friend that you love beyond love, and the next there is nothing except chaos; an unknown chaos that cannot be put into words. 
  I felt lucky and grateful to God that my daughter and granddaughter spent wonderful days across the pond, meeting people they will e-mail for years to come. 
  At least I hope and pray to God above that they will be able to do that. 
  France has declared war. Good for them. 
  Do we need another 9-11 to stand next to our longest ally? I pray not. 
  I love my daughter and granddaughter...

Just Olga: My meeting with The Scary Guy. Part 3 (and last so far!)

This is part three of three in the series about The Scary Guy by Olga Nunez Minet.  Please refer to the link below ↓

The Scary GuyThe Scary Guy

Source: My meeting with The Scary Guy. Part 3 (and last so far!)

Christmas: A Reflection

Patrick Jones, author of The Wolf's Moon Book 1 The Linden Chronicles and Family

Christmas’s are a time to rejoice.

The last several Christmas’s I saw a great deal to lament.

Chuck, a friend who I valued as a brother, went to God’s keeping a cold Christmas morning.

The following year, Bill was assigned to help guard the streets of Heaven with his newest commanding officer – Saint Michael.

This year, my younger brother went to coach all the children who left us but for their shining smiles.  In Heaven, you never lose a soccer game.  If need be, Tim will change the rules.  He never was a man to disappoint a child.

As for me, many things turned my head from the dark to see light of the Christmas season.

My wife is always excited about Christmas.  She passed that excitement on to our son and daughter, and on to our four wonderful grandsons as well as our one and only beautiful grand-daughter.

The light of Christmas does not just radiate from the eyes of children waiting for Santa.

No, that light emanates from all people who wish to project the love to another person.

One day, what now seems a hundred years ago and only like yesterday, my son asked if I ever had a hero growing up.  Sadly, I never did.

Now I can honestly say, I have a great many hero’s.  They are called my family.

A Ride on The Polar Express: OH What Fun it is to Watch the Grandkids Laugh and Play!

My son took his family on a weekend trip to French Lick, IN for a train ride on The Polar Express.  They had a wonderful time! Enjoy this special adventure with his family!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

A home is not a home without a gnome

A home is not a home without a gnome

After my heart operation last summer I was healed enough to get a job.  The book, “The Wolf’s Moon“, was still selling but due to my need to put the world back into perspective, I applied and was hired as a substitute janitor.

At first, it was at the high school.  I swept and mopped floors, scrubbed desktops and whatever else it took for the students and teachers to have a clean environment.

During my months there, I had the pleasure of getting to know the teachers and staff.

They are some of the hardest working people I have ever met.  Everything they do isn’t “just for a paycheck.”  They do what they do for more – each and every student.

When many people finish their eight hours (unless they are paid overtime pay), they are on the way to “Miller Time.”

I can’t tell you the countless hours the teachers spend after the kids leave.  Yes, they do get paid extra for doing things like coaching or cheer-leading practice.

Still, it’s not that much for the hours invested.

It isn’t just after school but weekends as well.

If they aren’t working on the next day’s lesson plan, they are grading papers and then they take care of their own families.  Making suppers, washing clothes and all the things that go with home life.

Then there are the people that hold everything together – the office staff and counselors.

Everyone from the superintendent on down to the cafeteria staff works for one end – the students to succeed.

Then I worked at the Middle School and the Elementary School.

What was really interesting is that I found no difference in the caliber of teachers or staff.  The principal at the Middle School was always on hand – even at away games.  The school nurse was there to assist if the need arose.

In a small school district what makes such a difference?

It is an easy question to answer – the people who sit on the school board.  They work on the board for one reason.  Again, it is for each and every student from preschool through seniors in high school.

All the work, all the time and effort by each and every person involved in the teaching of the students is rewarded by the standards the students live up to each day.

Many of the seniors are going on to college.  They have all been properly prepared.

One of my young men from the basketball team was appointed to West Point.

I was lucky to get a job, making a paycheck and regaining my confidence.  Most of all I found a high and profound respect for each person in this school district.

By themselves they are wonderful, together, they are the best.

Any doubts, ask the students.  They will be more than happy to tell you.