Hughs Views and News: Ladies & Gentlemen, meet…Sally Cronin – (A ‘Tales From The Garden’ Christmas Special)

An amazing person, Sally Cronin, featured on Hughs Views and News! Well deserved!

Tiptoe Through Our Fairy Garden: Enjoy!

This last couple of weeks with all of the rain The Fairy Garden has exploded with colors!  Kevin Cooper (Great Indie Authors) requested pictures of the Prickly Pear that we have that are indigenous to the Southwestern Missouri area.  We don’t have to buy plants anymore since the perennials self-propagate so we just cut a bit off and replant! 

Please enjoy our Fairy Garden and we will be sure to take pictures of the next phase of the Fairy Garden as it grows.  God Bless 🙂


Fall Prickly Pear Pictures with Red Fruit, Continuation of Fairy Garden Friday

Here is what the Prickly Pear fruit looks like in the Fall.  We both tasted the fruit and it seemed OK and we are not dead yet!  I think it must be dried up though, so will keep a close eye on the plant next year!  Sandy did get a cactus thorn in her lip 🙂

Fall Prickly Pear

Fall Prickly Pear 2

Fairy Garden Friday – Prickly Pear Cactus

This is a very interesting plant!  The Prickly Pear is indigenous to this area.  It only blooms once a year in about July.

Trying to weed around it is a definite challenge!  Usually, we go around pulling out stickers from our arms for a couple of weeks.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear Plant

Happy Fairy Garden Friday!!

THE POND SAGA UPDATE…Grand Kids Continue to UPSTAGE Their Pa Pa!!

Grand Kids Pond

UPDATE!!  Grand Kids continue to upstage their PA PA.  The Saga continues.  The Grand Kid’s Pond continues to hold water and gets bigger DAILY!  Stay tuned as they continue “THE DIG”.

The Summer Garden

Red and Yellow Columbine taken in Spring Missouri USA

Copyright (C) 2013 Sandra Jones, All Rights Reserved

A few years ago as a birthday present for my wife I dug an area next to the deck and made a flower garden.

My wife knows about flowers; when to plant them, where the sun is best, etc.  As for me, I figure if it goes in the ground and it gets sun and water, it’s going to grow.  It will produce flowers if I did those things.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Even though it was early summer and we had enough spring rains, the ground was rock hard.  Using a shovel, I dug an area thirty feet wide and fifty feet long.  The ground was full of rocks.  There were small ones and large ones and a few VERY large ones.  Two days later the ground was turned over, preventive weed cloth was down, assorted plants were in and all covered with pine bark.

My wife was working out of town and was to arrive home the afternoon of her birthday and I had, in addition to the garden, planned a party.

That evening I had far too many people telling me about the plants in the wrong spots.

Keeping my mouth shut, smiling and nodding my head, I listened to why nothing that I planted would grow.

Most, after the party, went home.  A few stayed over and the next day was actually no better.  My lip now has a permanent indentation from my upper teeth.

Once they had all gone to their own homes, Sandy and I relaxed to the quiet on the deck.

She smiled at me and said how much she loved the garden.  Later that day we moved some of the plants to other, more correct, spots.

Since then we have more flower gardens than anyone else on this road.  Each garden has different flowers but all beautiful.

I know your question:  What does a flower garden have to do with writing?

Not a damn thing.

Copyright © 2013 Patrick Jones, All Rights Reserved