The New 48 Year Old Beach Boys Hit That Just Went Viral as Featured by Glenn Beck

This article from Glenn Beck is about the 48 year old Beach Boys hit “God only knows” that went viral.  Here is the video.

For a Full List of the Musicians, please refer to the bottom of the Glenn Beck article for names and placements in the picture.  Enjoy!



Ink Blot Test

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones


Let’s Do an Ink Blot Test for those of us who are HAPPY it is the brand new HOWL FOR FRIDAY event!!  It just seems an appropriate activity for the day!  I think it looks like two wolves dancing in the moonlight.

What do you think?

The Wolf Moon Cycle

Copyright (C) 2012 Sandra Jones, All rights reserved

Copyright (C) 2012 Sandra Jones, All rights reserved

The picture above was taken by my wife, Sandy, last year on the Wolf Moon.  This year in 2013, the Wolf Moon occurs on January 26, 2013.  Cycles of the moon have been named many moons ago by various cultures throughout the world.  Rob Mahan has a great synopsis of the different cycles of the moon and has graciously granted permission to include his blog for the information.  I am also attaching the link to The Farmers Almanac, so that you can see the various dates of each cycle of the moon as well as the name.

It is simply amazing that our ancestors charted so much about the celestial skies.  One needs to step back from the hurried pace of today’s technology and think about how this wonder was documented throughout the ages in such an accurate fashion, with just the use of the human eye.  Sometimes going back to basics and understanding the fascinating history of the moon and how it has been studied throughout time offers a bit of tranquility to the human spirit.

The title of the book, “The Wolf’s Moon” evolved because the book started in January and I finished it in January.  My wife took a picture of the Wolf Moon in January.  Kind of a coincidence, isn’t it?  If you look even deeper into the picture, can you see the wolves dancing in the moonlight?