JUST OLGA: My Meeting with The Scary Guy (Hay-on-Wye 3rd July 2014). Part 1.


The Scary GuyThe Scary Guy

A fascinating interview series of three featured by Olga Nunez Minet.  I had never listened to The Scary Guy or even heard of him before!  His message is so very simple, yet so very complex.  This You Tube video is one of the TedX talk series, this one in Salford.

Please make sure to read all 3 interviews here starting with #1 below.  I will post #2 on Wednesday and #3 on Thursday.  Thank you, Olga, for sharing such an interesting series of articles!

Source: My Meeting with The Scary Guy (Hay-on-Wye 3rd July 2014). Part 1.




The Art of Storytelling: “WE ARE HARDWIRED FOR STORIES” by Sarah-Jane Murray, Used by Permission

Storytelling is an art form.  I found a video from Sarah-Jane Murray this morning on Twitter and knew I had to share it!  Sarah-Jane Murray is a dynamic lady who holds a PhD from Princeton University in the Department of Romance Languages and Literature.  Click on the link on her name above for the full details of her career and links to her sites!  The content and the way she presents the art of storytelling is captivating! I found myself listening to every word as she demonstrated the techniques on TedX.  Excellent job Sarah!

Here is another video I found as well.