Just Olga: My meeting with The Scary Guy. Part 3 (and last so far!)

This is part three of three in the series about The Scary Guy by Olga Nunez Minet.  Please refer to the link below ↓

The Scary GuyThe Scary Guy

Source: My meeting with The Scary Guy. Part 3 (and last so far!)

The little mortuary at St George in the East and its reincarnation as a museum

Excellent pictures and history from Flickering Lamps!

Flickering Lamps

St George’s Gardens, the park on the site of the former churchyard of St George in the East in Stepney, is a neat, peaceful place – when I visited, the play area was full of children, and other people were relaxing on benches or looking at the old monuments near the church.  In the midst of all of this is a derelict building that looks terribly sad and out of place.  However, this forlorn little building has a fascinating history that includes that most infamous of East End criminals, Jack the Ripper, and later became a pioneering centre for the education of local children.


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Pacific Paratrooper – GP Cox: Fepows (Far Eastern Prisoner of War) WWII

An excellent historical site documenting World War II in the Pacific War era.


Pacific Paratrooper GP Cox FePows

F Force enroute to the Burma Railroad, by Otto Kreeft