The Wolf’s Moon BEST THRILLER NOVEL by Patrick Jones

An animated book trailer promo

Soon, “The Wolf’s Moon” will be a year old.  Our first book signing (for some reason I don’t care for the term…”book launch”) was in February.  It was an overwhelming success; I almost ran out of books!  Most of the town of Bourbon, MO turned out.  My wife and I were to be there at Blazers Pub and Grill for two, two hour sessions.  We ended up being there from 11 am until 8 pm.

My wife, before the signing, started a webpage for the book.

The Sunday after, she certainly had enough to put on it…and then some.

I am a huge football fan and that Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  For me, it’s a day of watching pregame hype, snacks, drinks, more snacks, drinks and finally, the game.

My  wife, on the other hand, sat in front of the computer doing something and laughing every couple of minutes.

Just after the coin toss, she shoved her laptop in front of me to watch the video that she worked on all afternoon.

It was cute and I said so.  Sandy did not, after watching it over and over with the volume up as high as it could go, think it was as good as she could do.

She went back to work.

At that moment, I knew truly in my heart that God was male in gender and he too loved football as much as I do.

Other than for some giggling she was quiet until the first half was over.

Then, she shoved the laptop back in front of me asking me to watch it again.

I did, and the changes made it better.  She still wasn’t happy with it, luckily half-time was over and the game was back on TV.

I learned a long time ago than one can watch a football game without sound, but on Super Bowl Sunday you not only get the game but the commercials as well.  Most are amusing, some down right funny and others, well…

That Sunday, I couldn’t say which were which.  My wife was so excited by what she was doing that I had one eye on the game and the other on her laptop.

Finally, as the game ended and the Superbowl trophy was held high, Sandy did the same with her computer.

As hundreds of millions of TV viewers watched the trophy passed from hand to hand, I watched my wife do her own victory dance.

For the next hour, maybe two, I watched the cartoon video, at full volume.  Not once, or twice but close to three dozen times.  Because of my love of this woman, I sat there agreeing a possible Academy Award was not far off.

In truth, I did and do love it but every so often she gets on a jag to play it over and over.

On those days, I search my memory for anything I did wrong.

With all that said, go by The Linden Chronicles and take a look in the right sidebar.  It is cute – once or twice.

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