Spectacular Capture of a Snow Monkey (Japanese macaque) by Robert van Koesveld

Robert van Koesveld

Robert van Koesveld

Robert van Koesveld originally shared this post:Engagement                                                                   ‘enjoy & share’
This delightful little snow monkey (Japanese macaque) seems to be staring at me. Something he wouldn’t do because eye contact triggers hierarchy issues in these monkeys. He is looking briefly at my camera! Captured today in Japan with +Martin Bailey & +Chris Marquardt  at -4 degrees C (6 hrs ago) Added to my…

Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey (Japanese macaque) by Robert van Koesveld

Robert van Koesveld graciously approved the reblog of his original posting on Google+ on 1/29/2013. You will find his website at http://www.robertvankoesveld.com.The link to the post is above, as well as his caption to the picture.  The message in this picture is exactly what the photographer intended.  I was fascinated by this capture.  When I followed the link to his website, I was amazed to find a plethora of incredible wildlife pictures as well as cultural depictions of different nations.  I wanted to make sure to share Robert’s incredible vision in the discipline of photography.  His pictures are amazing!  Thank you, Robert, for permission to share this treasure.

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