Update on The Author’s Summer Hospital Adventure!

Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to make sure to provide an update on Patrick Jones this morning.  He has had an incredible summer adventure so far!  I am sure he does not think it incredible, but he is alive nonetheless!

Patrick Jones The Wolf's Moon

Patrick Jones, author

Earlier this year, Pat had a bought with pneumonia, or so we thought.  It turned out to improve somewhat, but the antibiotics and steroids did not do the trick after 2-3 regiments.  Thus began a series of Emergency Room visits that all ended with sending him home with no resolution.

Finally, we changed the ER room to another hospital, where the adventure began!  They immediately found an issue with the bladder as well as with the heart.  They could not fix the heart issue until they resolved the bladder issue because they did not want to introduce heparin after a cardiac operation for bleeding reasons.  So he, in effect, got a double “whammy” with this illness.  He had bladder surgery the first of June followed by a CABG x 5 procedure on June 10th.  They refer to the cardiac bypass operation as a “CABG” which means cardiac artery bypass graft.  Having studied some of the technical information, I have found this to be an extremely complicated and life-saving procedure.  I have also googled the cardiac bypass information and watched one of the videos on how they actually perform the procedure.  It is incredibly impressive how they even know how to find all of the vessels to fix.  Pat had 5 arteries bypassed.  He is alive.  He was fortunate not to have had a heart attack or stoke beforehand…that is for sure.  This also provided him the advantage in the healing process.

http://fmp.cit.nih.gov/hi/ Title: Coronary art...

http://fmp.cit.nih.gov/hi/ Title: Coronary artery bypass surgery Image ID: 657 B Photographer: Jerry Hecht Restrictions: Public Domain Image Date: 10/1/1981 Slovenščina: Kardiovaskularna kirurgija: koronarni bypass arterije. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat was in the hospital for a week with the bladder and then a week and a half latter went through the CABG procedure.  He has been out of the hospital now for a week and a half and is not quite ready to begin writing at this point.  He is progressing as expected, but it is a long road to recovery.  His biggest problem is wanting to go out and mow and weed whack and work in the garden, but the strength he will need is to NOT do those sorts of things right now.  It is kind of like keeping a wild animal caged!!  🙂  He is learning to follow the rules albeit reluctantly, but the extra exertion reinforces the need for rest!  For being out of the hospital for a week and a half, he is doing fantastic!

I look forward for him to begin writing again soon in the next couple two or three weeks.  Right now his focus is on healing and resting.  He wishes everyone well and misses all of you and is anxious to get back in the saddle.  Until then, I thought I would write a quick note to let you know why he hasn’t been blogging and writing lately.  He should be bionic soon!

Take care and stay well.  More information to follow.  MM900283559

Sandy Jones

15 thoughts on “Update on The Author’s Summer Hospital Adventure!

    • Jo,
      Thanks Jo!! Pat is getting better and better and ready to get back in the saddle!! It has been a rough one, but he made it through with flying colors. Thanks for all of your words of encouragement…that is what has made him stronger and stronger!
      Take care,
      Sandy and Pat


    • Thank you so much! I think he figured out that rest is a good thing!! We are having a super summer weather pattern, and I can’t think of a better time to recover. Thanks for your wishes!


    • Thank you so much, Harlan! I haven’t had a chance to talk to you lately but have been thinking about you! Has been an eventful summer, that is for sure! Hope the rest of it is smooth. I have learned alot about bypass surgery, that is for sure!! Sandy


  1. You know, I’ve been thinking about you both this last week or so. Uncanny how that happens sometimes. I had planned to email to see how you were but somehow I kept getting distracted.

    Wow, you’ve both been though a lot. I am so glad Pat is recovering. With no prior attack it should be pretty much a complete recovery. My father had a triple bypass, after a heart attack, and live a full productive life for 25 more years. It will all be behind you soon. And since summer is just beginning I think you’ll get to enjoy much of it yet. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Yvonne! It has certainly been an adventure! I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about bypass surgery! I know the last time we had talked, he had pneumonia and we were wondering why it wouldn’t clear up! Thankfully, we went to a different hospital and they nailed the diagnosis and then it went quickly from there. Now he has the summer to recover and we are having fabulous weather! I think he finally figured out that he has to take it slow on this recovery. The heart has to heal slowly. I know he wants to write soon, but now he is busy sleeping alot! 🙂 Thanks Yvonne! Glad your Dad had a great experience, that is good to know.


  2. My Prayers are with you both and I will be saying prayers for a quick recovery. I went through Bypass surgery with my Mother and rest is key to getting well.


    • Hi Peggy! Thank you so much for your wishes! It is good to know about your Mom and makes it easier to deal with. You are so right…the rest is the key…the body seems to heal from the inside out with this kind of surgery and needs to figure out what they heck just happened! Thanks for your prayers! Sandy


  3. I wanted to send out my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Patrick. That must have been scary, good thing you went somewhere else. It is amazing the things they can do in the medical field. Hang in there Patrick, Sandy and the rest of the family. ^_^ My thoughts are with you.

    And Patrick, I know you are biting at the bit, but relax and enjoy. How about a good book for you to read. lol


    • Thanks so much, Sherry! He so appreciates all of your best wishes! I am not sure he had enough time beforehand to worry about it being scary, but in retrospect we look back and say OMG…what just happened! Once they confirmed the diagnosis, it went so fast we didn’t have time to think. I am glad they found the problem and were a super hospital – Mercy St. John’s in St. Louis – and resolved it with such deliberate care. Thankfully, he had not had any previous heart attack or stroke, so that gave him the healing advantage. We are now into week two out of the hospital and the breast bone seems to hurt the most. It is kind of like breaking every bone in your chest and then healing from it like a truck hit you! Thanks for all of your best wishes!! Sandy


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