6 thoughts on “BARKING AT YESTERDAY’S MOON by Mike Grant

  1. Thank you Patrick…a little advance promo can’t hurt. As I mentioned in my blog I have a few proof copies that are currently being read by some overly critical readers (a good thing in this case). Modesty prevents me from passing along some pretty nice comments but the reality is these critics also found a few glitches that have to be corrected before I dive into the publishing. Rather than using a vanity press I’m going to do this myself this time around so I suspect I have a bit of learning ahead of me. Once again thank you for the share/link!
    (PS: I replied earlier today but it appears to be lost in time or space or something so if it shows up then consider me doubly-thankful!)


    • My pleasure, Mike! It looks like a great read! Have fun with the release and if you need any help with the publicity, just holler! It’s that extra set of eyes that is critical! When you write it…your brain ignores some of them. Looking forward to the release and good luck 🙂

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  2. Thank you Patrick. A little advance publicity never hurts. As my blog indicates I’m still in the proofing stage. I have a few copies I’ve given to some oft times overly critical readers (the best kind in this case). Modesty prevents me from passing along the good comments I have received so far but the critics have also uncovered a number of small errors that need to be corrected before I get into the publishing end. I’m going to do this one myself rather than use a vanity press so I have some serious learning ahead of me. Thank you again for the share/link Patrick!!!

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