3 Most Important Media Platforms for Writers | Savvy Book Writers

Book Marketing on a Shoestring Doris-Maria Heilmann 111Publishing Savvy Book Writers In some of my seminars and during publishing and book marketing consultations I meet authors that are not only new to writing, but also often have no

Source: 3 Most Important Media Platforms for Writers | Savvy Book Writers

4 thoughts on “3 Most Important Media Platforms for Writers | Savvy Book Writers

  1. Interesting post, Patrick. I’ve backed off on Google+ lately as I seemed to be attracting strange men with boundary issues. (I do post publicly as I want to find new readers.) It’s the only platform where I have this problem, so perhaps I just don’t know how Google+ works. With all the other social network platforms, it hasn’t been worth the hassle. Now I’m wondering if I should take the time to try and figure it out.

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    • Well, I think Jo Robinson had some of the same issues too. Although, Doris-Maria Heilmann swears by it. So am not sure which way to go. I think the internet is becoming so infested with trolls…I am not sure if Twitter is just full of them!! There is an article I need to research about social media too. The other day I saw a new one…Sumo me…have no idea what that one is either?? Am wondering if print books are just the way to go…who knows? Glad you visited!! Have a great week!

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      • Thanks for the reply, Patrick. It’s not like I’m a spring chicken either. 🙂 I think the best thing (for me anyway since I’m a tech-wreck) is to go a little slower and do some research instead of diving into everything head first and flailing! 🙂

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