17 thoughts on “The Wet-Weather Creek in Crawford County, MO Flood Stage 12/28/2015”

    1. Thankfully we are safe but there are a lot of people that are now homeless. The Missouri River crests Thursday at 38.9 feet so many more may be in trouble too. They say it is bigger than the flood of 1993 which was supposed to be a “one hundred year” flood…it’s been 22 years…Thanks so much for your well-wishes! Take care where you are as well. 🙂

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      1. Wow, so frightening. I’m in Toronto with unseasonably mild temps until last night. The big hail/snowstorm, first one, accumulated via the Midwest. We went from unseasonal 55 degrees to minus 13 in one night. Perfectly timed, I’m out of here in 2 days. Off to sunny Arizona for the winter.


    1. Actually it is just down the driveway!!! It is a wet-weather creek and by the time it gets to us, it floods out the person’s driveway next to us. Luckily (knock on wood) we are nestled into a hill and can watch the creek! Thanks for asking! Yes…we are fine but there are a lot of people that have lost their lives in flooding and driving. Some car dealerships are under water. Very sad…they say this one is surpassing the flood of 1993 which was what they call a “one hundred year” flood…well…guess it was a 22 year flood. I will also make a post on the pond that didn’t hold water…it’s overflowing now!! Supposed to get snow flurries Wednesday! Take care out there! 🙂

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    1. What a year the world is having…Stay safe over there Olga!! You should see the pond that didn’t hold water…it is now overflowing…I will do a post on it so you can see it. We are kind of snuggled into a hill up from the creek so can watch it but our neighbor gets the run off that dumps into the creek. They are up on a hill too. We are safe here and soggy to say the least! Thanks for caring Olga!! Hugs 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Diana! You have been flooding there too, haven’t you? Very strange weather this year…I think they said El Ninyo…but then again I think they always say that! I think “nature” is the better term 🙂 Hope you are OK there…Thanks so much for asking! Hugs Diana!!

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