Creating Your Custom Audible 30-Day Free Trial Link

How to customize your Audible Book with a free trial link!

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

Few words are more enticing than “free.” Now you can offer fans a free Audible 30-day trial membership featuring your title—a great way to promote your audiobook—and potentially earn more money while doing so. Create a custom 30-Day Free Trial link featuring one of your audiobooks, and you could earn a $50  Bounty for every new Audible member who signs up. It’s just five easy steps:

1) Visit your title’s product page on, making sure that you are not signed into the site.

2) Find the URL at the top of the page and copy the Audible ASIN, which is the series of numbers and letters displayed after your book’s title but before the “ref” tag.

30 Day 01_small Click to expand.

3) Next, open a new browser tab. In the URL bar at the top, enter the following  text (making sure to keep the word “asin” lowercase letters):

4) Add…

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10 thoughts on “Creating Your Custom Audible 30-Day Free Trial Link”

    1. Thank you so very much, Ronovan!! Trying to figure out all the audio book stuff out…now I need to share the Twitter one…after I understand it 🙂 Lots of surprises for 2016 with new stuff! Happy New Year to you and yours and stay tuned!! Thanks for reblogging!!


    1. I just posted my link and made the picture go to the link to…on I don’t know how to make it expand on the post tho. Going to try to make a widget next. The River one is and The Wolf’s Moon one is and I have tried the twitter one too and will post that article…although I am not sure I understand all of the HTML…ha…but it does work just no pix on twitter…I wonder if I put it on hootsuite? Thank you so much for reblogging! It was pretty easy but they have to click the link on I will do the Twitter one now.. Thanks furry buddy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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