PZF Photography: Chernobyl: 30 Years On — Discover

“It was ten minutes dominated by the ghosts of young lives, cruelly destroyed by radiation, upheaval, trauma.” Peter Zarko-Flynn documents Chernobyl in a series of photo essays, 30 years after the disaster.

via Chernobyl: 30 Years On — Discover

6 thoughts on “PZF Photography: Chernobyl: 30 Years On — Discover

  1. Thank you for bringing such a personal touch to this story. I have seen several documentaries that give a lot of information, but there’s no warmth or real caring perceived in the telling. I was 33 when this happened and had nightmares about it happening here. So sad to leave all you own behind, never able to return.


    • The pictures themselves showed the silence of the tragedy. I thought it was very well portrayed for the sadness left behind. I do wonder what happened to all of the people? I am glad that you found it as touching as I did. Have a great week, Elizabeth!


  2. That was such a horrible, frightening disaster – even to hear about it from a far distance. My heart goes out to those affected, and my congrats to the writer-photographer of this piece.


    • I remember it, but had not realized how long it had been! The photography captured the empty scenery and his own inner feelings of what happened to the people left behind? Such a tragedy when things were left just as they were that day…gives a lot of thought into each of the photographs. Have a great week, Cynthia! Take care

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