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Hughs Views and News: Ladies & Gentlemen, meet…Sally Cronin – (A ‘Tales From The Garden’ Christmas Special)

An amazing person, Sally Cronin, featured on Hughs Views and News! Well deserved!

Hugh's Views & News

I am delighted to welcome and introduce a very special guest this month. Sally Cronin is one of the jewels in the blogging crown that exists here on, what I like to call, Planet Blog.

Writer, Author and Blogger, Sally Cronin Writer, Author and Blogger, Sally Cronin

I was first made aware of Sally and her blog when she reblogged my post ‘Forget About The Oscars, Welcome To The Mildreds!’  By reblogging that post she introduced me to her blogging community and since then has been an incredible supporter of my blog.  She shares and promotes other bloggers’, writers’ and authors’ work and is always on hand to offer support to anyone regarding writing and publishing.

Those of you that already know Sally will have heard of her recent new book release, Tales From The Garden.

Tales From The Garden

I was hooked when she released the first of the stories on her blog and immediately asked for more…

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Author Interview: The Amazing Patrick Jones

Great feature author interview of from the illustrious Dan Alatorre blog!! Thanks so much for posting on Halloween!

The Wolf’s Moon Universal link: http://www.relinks.me/B0077F0DFI

The River Universal Link: http://www.relinks.me/B0157GPKCE

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

sandy 3 Author Patrick Jones

We have a lot of terrific authors that follow the blog. Patrick Jones is not only a great friend of the blog but a pretty prolific author, and this weekend he’s got a lot going on.

Sure, it’s Halloween for him like everybody else, but he’s running some sales on his books. The details are below, but take a moment to learn a little more about this insightful man – a kind of  modern day Indiana Jones in his own right – as he answers a few questions with me.



Dan: What is the working title of your next book?

1pj 11pj 2Patrick: My new book, “The River” (a short story) is now available on Amazon.

My last book, “The Wolf’s Moon” is also available on Amazon.

“The Wolf’s Moon” audiobook has also been newly released on the ACX Audible platform.


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Dan Alatorre: Did you want ME to interview YOU? Let’s get started!

Source: Did you want ME to interview YOU? Let’s get started!

(blog captured from Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog)

Well…do YOU?? I got 123 views when I re-blogged Dan Alatorre!!! Just CLICK ON MY NOSE to see which post got so much buzz!!

Fun with Visuals and Book Promo Images Part 1

An excellent choice for book cover design! Check it out!!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

When I have a little time to spare I like to play with the images I make using the various software I have on my devices, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

For example:

What many people think an author’s life is like…

Writing 01

But why stop there?

I found a nice Billboard image,

converted it into a PNG format,

deleted whatever picture was there

to leave a nice transparent layer:

Billboard 01 PNG Original

Then combined the two to make it more interesting:

Billboard 01

Another example:

Billboard 01 Multi Layer

But I thought it might be nice to make it appear in an Art Gallery 😀

Art Gallery 02 PNG Original

Here are more:

Art Gallery 01 PNG Original

Back to scenes:

Bottle-Beach-road-4 with trio

busso-forest-beach Combo 01

dscf4657 Combo 01

I tried to add a bit more interest using sketches:

Sketch 05

But why stick with Billboards and Photos?

So I put some onto computer screens 😀

Computer Screen 01 PNG Original

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to spice up

your book promo cover images

and some Spoof Book Covers I made

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Blogs that Help Promote Writers

Totally agree!

Publicity Tip #83~

Depending on how long you’ve been in the book/author publicity game you will either have a good sized list of helpful publicity sites (that don’t cost an arm and a leg) or a very small one. Regardless of the length of your current list one of the best blogs I’ve discovered online that helps promote writers is The Story Reading Ape (Chris).

The Story Reading Ape Blog LogoThe Story Reading Ape Blog Logo

What’s so special about this book/author blog?

1stoff, the publicity there is FREE.

2nd, Chris had a wide following of readers and authors (7300 at the moment) for his blog as well as on his extended social media sites – so whatever you submit for consideration will be seen.

3rd, Chris encourages quality guest posts & submissions (Author Articles & Book Promotions:Free, Discounted, New, or Debut – see requirements first).

4th, if you follow…

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Chris The Story Reading Ape: GUESS WHO?

Wow…amazing post from Chris The Story Reading Ape! Happy Thursday!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


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