Fun with Visuals and Book Promo Images Part 1

An excellent choice for book cover design! Check it out!!

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When I have a little time to spare I like to play with the images I make using the various software I have on my devices, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

For example:

What many people think an author’s life is like…

Writing 01

But why stop there?

I found a nice Billboard image,

converted it into a PNG format,

deleted whatever picture was there

to leave a nice transparent layer:

Billboard 01 PNG Original

Then combined the two to make it more interesting:

Billboard 01

Another example:

Billboard 01 Multi Layer

But I thought it might be nice to make it appear in an Art Gallery 😀

Art Gallery 02 PNG Original

Here are more:

Art Gallery 01 PNG Original

Back to scenes:

Bottle-Beach-road-4 with trio

busso-forest-beach Combo 01

dscf4657 Combo 01

I tried to add a bit more interest using sketches:

Sketch 05

But why stick with Billboards and Photos?

So I put some onto computer screens 😀

Computer Screen 01 PNG Original

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to spice up

your book promo cover images

and some Spoof Book Covers I made

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