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The Wolf's Moon by Patrick JonesThe Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones has been on the market for the past three years and is still holding it’s own.

I sent copies to my brothers only to find out unless there are pictures with the words, well…you can imagine the rest.

Then, I met a fourth grade teacher who told me she no longer had time to read novels anymore.  Rachel said she did miss that part of her life, but her kids came first-as well they should.

My plight was how to reach people who just did not read for whatever the reason.

After spending some hours talking with my wife, she suggested that we again look into an audio book.

Since I am a self-published author, the cost of putting the book on CD was out of the question.

Pat and Sandy Jones


My wife, Sandy, suggested that we look into the possibility of an audiobook online.  After all, one can read a book using a computer or a notebook, so why not to listen to one?

ACX Audible Amazon

After quite a bit of researching, the company ACX Audible (owned by Amazon) was the choice.  We were even allowed to pick the voice of the narrator.

Mark Westfield was the man picked for the job – and a great pick he turned out to be!

Mark Westfield, Narrator

Mark Westfield, Narrator

He worked long and hard hours turning out what is now the finished product.  Mark’s work is excellent!

It is one that I hope you truly enjoy.

Saying all of that, I know from your emails that you are all patiently waiting for the next installment of The Linden Chronicles.

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones, The Linden Chronicles

Good news for my valued readers.  Last night, the editing the newly copyrighted short novel, The River, was finished.  Cover reveal to follow soon…stay tuned.

We hope that within the next three weeks it will be out for your reading enjoyment!

So you know, I started what was to be another short story but it took on a life of it’s own.

It now sits at over 70,000 words (without revisions).

The sequel to The Wolf’s Moon is well underway.

Well my friends, this is the update.

Continue to follow my website, The Linden Chronicles, for the latest news and many other items of interest.

One more thing:  Thanks to all for the kind words, thoughts and all of your prayers.

It has been a rough three years, but you guys made it better!

To all of you, many thanks and love,



Booksigning at The Harney Mansion: A Haunting Good Time!

On September 27, 2014 I participated in a book signing for “The Wolf’s Moon” at The Harney Mansion in Sullivan, MO. 

This was the historical home of General Harney during the Civil War. 

This area is rich in history from the times of The Civil War.

The Harney Mansion Booksigning The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones Booksigning The Wolf's Moon

1861 Proclamation by Brigadier General William S. Harney

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon

Civil War My Blood Boils Euphrasia Pettus

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon

The Harney Mansion Vintage Nightgown

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon Booksigning


The Harney Mansion Vintage Organ

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon Booksigning

The Harney Mansion Vintage Bed

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon Booksigning at The Harney Mansion

Old China Cabinet at The Harney Mansion Booksigning for The Wolf's Moon

Patrick Jones author of The Wolf's Moon Booksigning at The Harney Mansion

Vintage items from The Harney Mansion Booksigning for The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones

Harney Mansion Booksigning 2000x3000

Thank you for your interest in The Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones.





Patrick Jones – The Independent Author Network

Patrick Jones is the author of The Wolf’s Moon, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

via Patrick Jones – The Independent Author Network.

A Nice Peaceful Day Trip to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri…OR IS IT??

A Nice Peaceful Day Trip to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri…

Fall in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri

National Scenic Waterways Ozark Mountains Missouri

River in Leasburg, Missouri


A dried impression of a wolf's paw

The Wolf Moon by Patrick Jones


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Featured on The Dire Wolf Project

Used by Permission from Jennifer Stoeckl of The Dire Wolf Project

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones

CLICK EITHER PICTURE FOR FREE!!!!  Happy Easter Everyone!

Jumping man

Dire Wolf Project Created by the National Alsatian Breeder’s Association Courtesy of Jennifer Stoeckl, NAAC President 2004-2011

Dire Wolf Project

Used by Permission from Jennifer Stoeckl, NAAC President 2004-2011

Media Tools

The Dire Wolf Project

INTRODUCTION by Jennifer Stoeckl, NAAC President 2004-2011

The Dire Wolf Project has been under development since 1988 and we believe it is an important project to build a better understanding of how the bone and body structure of the extinct Dire Wolf may have affected its survival.  Without a living representative of this mighty wolf, scientists can only speculate on the movement, heaviness, endurance, and eating needs of this mysterious creature.  By recreating a replica of the Dire Wolf based on exact bone size and body structure that possesses a unique large breed companion dog temperament, scientists can study the Dire Wolf in more depth.  


Along with an exact match of Dire Wolf bone and body structure, the Dire Wolf Project also aims to regulate American Alsatian breeders to advance the longevity of this unique breed of domesticated dog.  By focusing on temperament and health before a Dire Wolf build, we wish to increase the breed’s lifespan to match the length of life of wild wolves living in captivity.  We can only accomplish this with 100% adherence to strict health and temperament policies which have been developed and maintained by the National American Alsatian Breeder’s Association.


So far, the founder and a handful of enthusiasts have brought the American Alsatian to where it is today.  However, we feel that after twenty-four years of breeding it is time to gain involvement from the scientific community to help bring the American Alsatian closer toward the Dire Wolf Project’s goals.  We are currently seen by some as a rogue group of supporters with a monetary agenda.  While we do need to seek out great loving homes for our puppies, we are not in the business of mass producing the American Alsatian based on its connection to the Dire Wolf name.  To date, only two American Alsatian breeders exist and only around 2,000 dogs have been produced throughout the lifetime of the program.  In order to move forward, we do not wish to generate more breeders or more recognition from the dog world.   What we hope, instead, is that our dogs are taken seriously by the scientific community as a close approximation (while we strive for exact proportions) to the bone and body structure of the Dire Wolf all the while, producing a well-mannered companion dog breed that can happily exist in our modern world.  We will only be able to accomplish this with help from those who can scientifically measure and report on our progress toward the Dire Wolf build.  It is for this reason alone that this website has been published. 

American Alsatian

Dear Prudence, an American Alsatian at Vallecito Alsatians.



Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds have gone into creating the American Alsatian?

As this breed continues to emerge, the American Alsatian grows ever closer to achieving the structure of the Dire Wolf.  In order to accomplish this, the American Alsatian must continue to include other breeds into the recipe that will ultimately result in the exact dimensions of the largest canid ever to walk the earth.  So far, the breeds that have given their genes to the American Alsatian have been the German Shepherd Dog, the Malamute, the English Mastiff, the Great Pyrenees, the Anatolian, and the Irish Wolfhound.

We have never, nor will we ever, breed in wolf blood of any percentage.  Because the Dire Wolf and the Gray Wolf are two different species, we do not wish to mix recent Gray Wolf blood into a Dire Wolf dog, even though we are fully aware that the domesticated dog deviated from the Gray Wolf around 10,000 years ago.  That includes any recognized wolfdog breeds such as the Czechoslovakian Vicak, the Saarloos Wolfdog, Alaskan Noble Companion Dog, Lupo Italiano, Kunming Wolfdog, or the Japanese Wolfdog.  Also, wolfdogs, even those bred amongst themselves for over 50 years, tend to be either dog aggressive, skittish, independent, suspicious of strangers, and/or requiring strong human leadership.  This unpredictability in a wolfdog’s temperament is a trait that we do not wish to include in the American Alsatian.  We further believe the wolf look can be achieved without resorting to breeding wolf into the lines.

Why is the breed named the American Alsatian?

In other words, why not reflect the Dire Wolf in the name of the breed?

The Dire Wolf is only one part of the whole that is the American Alsatian.  We recognize that most people define a dog breed on looks alone, however, we believe that any animal is the sum total of all its parts, including health, temperament, and outward appearance.  Naming the breed the Dire Dog, the Dirus Dog, the American Canis Dog, or any other combination of name related to the Dire Wolf itself would only perpetuate the myth that the American Alsatian is about looks alone.  Above all, this breed is about great health wrapped in a companion dog temperament.  The Dire Wolf concept of the breed is the last of the three important traits to be established.  We have just begun the process of developing the wolfish look as all of our efforts for the previous twenty-four years were concentrated on refining the breed’s health and temperament.  To be sure, health and temperament traits will always need to be monitored and enhanced (such as striving for a longer and longer life span) as we move now toward focusing on refining the body structure of the Dire Wolf.  The term American is to reflect this breed’s origins and Alsatian is to harken back to a time, not long ago, when a certain type of domesticated wolf-looking dog was called the Alsatian Wolf Dog.

Why breed back the Dire Wolf’s bone and body structure?

The Dire Wolf has become a mythical creature and many misbeliefs remain regarding its structure.  However, the Dire Wolf was a very prominent carnivore in North and South America at one time.  Paleontologists who study the Dire Wolf can only speculate on certain physical traits not revealed through skeletal remains.  We would like to exactly replicate the Dire Wolf’s bone and body structure in order to help solve part of the mystery still surrounding the Dire Wolf’s legacy.  When skin, fur, muscle, tendons, cartilage, and peering eyes look back from a body structure that mimics the great wolf, what will we see?

It is also the aim of this project to create a breed that is docile, loving, loyal, confident in character with low prey and play instincts.  We further believe that the large bones and heavy weight of the Dire Wolf promote a companion dog temperament as with size and weight comes a slower response with less energy.  The fleet of foot Gray Wolf was faster and caught quicker, smaller prey.  According to experts, it was the overwhelming size and larger jaw that allowed the Dire Wolf to take down large prey that would otherwise not have been pursued by the smaller, lighter wolf.

Is the Dire Wolf your main focus with this breed?

The main focus of the American Alsatian incorporates three important aspects; to create a large breed family companion dog that exactly mimics the bone and body structure as well as the great health of the Dire Wolf.  Although the Dire Wolf was indeed a wild carnivorous animal, it has been suggested that the Dire Wolf was a companion animal and there is evidence that the Dire Wolf, much like its Gray Wolf cousin, took care of its pack even when members were severely injured beyond hope of survival alone.  In this way, we strive to develop the first large breed companion dog; a creature that has the massive structure and build of the Dire Wolf, the longevity of the largest canid to have ever lived, and the companion like temperament it may have possessed.

Is this project also going to breed back The Dire Wolf’s wild predator instincts?  

No.  The Dire Wolf Project does not wish to reintroduce a massive wolf-like predator into America’s wild kingdom.  There is already enough controversy surrounding the Gray Wolf’s reintroduction into America’s wild parks.  The American Alsatian has the temperament of a family companion dog.  They have family loyalty, low prey and play instincts, and are confident yet slightly aloof to those outside their ‘pack.’


Prehistoric Predators. [DVD ASIN-B00120TJFE]. National Geographic. Retrieved 2011-05-21.

Czechoslovakian Vicak. Dog Breed Info. Retrieved: 2011-06-01.

Copyright 2011.  National American Alsatian Breeder’s Association.  All Right’s Reserved.

4175 Winnetka Road White City, OR 97503 *  541-830-0571  * Dire Wolf Project Founder

The Price of a Book

When I was a kid…I keep going back to those carefree days.

I was twelve years old when I bought my first paperback book.  The price was twenty-five cents.  For a quarter of a dollar (plus a penny for sales tax), I received a weeks worth of an exciting tale, taking me to places I never dreamed I may really go someday.

Not long after I started reading paperbacks, my dad got really sick.  He was in the hospital for a long time.  I did not know he liked to read but learned his favorite genre was Westerns.  So my twenty-six cents went to Zane Gray.

The author Zane Gray was a member of Penn's va...

The author Zane Gray was a member of Penn’s varsity baseball team in 1895 and 1896 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then one day I went to buy a book and they were up to fifty cents.  I had just enough money.  I planned to buy two.  That was okay, Dad was not working but was starting to get around.

By the time I graduated high school, paperbacks were up to seventy-five cents.  There was no money for college and my grades were not good enough to think of a scholarship.  The Vietnam war was raging, and I had a choice:  Get drafted and go straight to war or enlist.  I would get enough training to keep me alive.  So, enlist I did.

During those days of training, I learned that cold was not a totally bad thing and that an hour of sleep spread out over twenty-four was actually a lot.

Reading any type of novel was out of the question.

Some years later, I went past a drug store that had rows of paperbacks to buy.

My father passed away not long before.  So when I started looking at the books, my first tendency was toward the Westerns.  All the ones the store stocked I had already read.  It didn’t seem right to read Westerns any more.

I bought another book.  That cost me a dollar & twenty-five cents.

Since those days I have bought many books; a great many at used book stores where most were slightly discounted.

One day at a used book store in St. Louis, the owner and I were talking about what a new book would cost to publish.

He explained things simply:  A person takes a year of their life to write the book.  Then they spend money for the edit.  Perhaps, the person lands a literary agent who gets 15%.  Then if it gets sold to a publisher, they have the cost of cover design, printing, stocking and distribution.  For that they get 50% or a little more.  The book store that sells the book also gets a percentage.

At this point the poor author who thought he hit the mother lode is, for the time and energy to write and promote a part of his life, the recipient of the smallest amount from each sale.

On a twenty dollar paperback he makes maybe $5.00 per sale, but more like $3.00.

That made a great deal of sense.

Now I am an Indie author.  I pay those costs out of my own pocket.

I am lucky enough to have a wife who is not just a business manager but does as much as a creative consultant.  She did my cover design, as well as the book trailer.  Sandy stays up with what I have going and need to attend.  My wife designed the webpage and tends to it.

The Wolf Moon by Patrick Jones

My paperbacks sell for almost $17.00 per copy.  My e-book sells for $4.99.

I am not saying anything bad about a person selling their book for 0.99 cents, but ask yourself:  Would James Patterson or Stephen King?


Book Cover Design 101 OR, “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The Linden Chronicles

By Sandra L. Jones, wife of The Author, Patrick Jones

SO…He wrote a book…Now what do we do??

As The Authorand I continue on through the Indie Author self-publishing platform, it is very obvious that the process typifies a continuous learning model.  It never ends!!  We continue to read, learn and implement our strategy toward discovering new and better ways from the ground up. The publishing industry changes logarithmically, and the speed at which the current “Information Age” progresses is unprecedented.

This particular project has taken us about a year to complete.  Anthony Wessel with Digital Book Today suggested that we recount our journey so that others in the industry may learn from our experience.  Collaboration is essential in the process of brainstorming.  That is key to the equation.

Significant Points to Consider:

  1. We worked with a print on demand publisher, Create Space.  We continue to have…

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