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The Wolf's Moon by Patrick JonesThe Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones has been on the market for the past three years and is still holding it’s own.

I sent copies to my brothers only to find out unless there are pictures with the words, well…you can imagine the rest.

Then, I met a fourth grade teacher who told me she no longer had time to read novels anymore.  Rachel said she did miss that part of her life, but her kids came first-as well they should.

My plight was how to reach people who just did not read for whatever the reason.

After spending some hours talking with my wife, she suggested that we again look into an audio book.

Since I am a self-published author, the cost of putting the book on CD was out of the question.

Pat and Sandy Jones


My wife, Sandy, suggested that we look into the possibility of an audiobook online.  After all, one can read a book using a computer or a notebook, so why not to listen to one?

ACX Audible Amazon

After quite a bit of researching, the company ACX Audible (owned by Amazon) was the choice.  We were even allowed to pick the voice of the narrator.

Mark Westfield was the man picked for the job – and a great pick he turned out to be!

Mark Westfield, Narrator

Mark Westfield, Narrator

He worked long and hard hours turning out what is now the finished product.  Mark’s work is excellent!

It is one that I hope you truly enjoy.

Saying all of that, I know from your emails that you are all patiently waiting for the next installment of The Linden Chronicles.

The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones, The Linden Chronicles

Good news for my valued readers.  Last night, the editing the newly copyrighted short novel, The River, was finished.  Cover reveal to follow soon…stay tuned.

We hope that within the next three weeks it will be out for your reading enjoyment!

So you know, I started what was to be another short story but it took on a life of it’s own.

It now sits at over 70,000 words (without revisions).

The sequel to The Wolf’s Moon is well underway.

Well my friends, this is the update.

Continue to follow my website, The Linden Chronicles, for the latest news and many other items of interest.

One more thing:  Thanks to all for the kind words, thoughts and all of your prayers.

It has been a rough three years, but you guys made it better!

To all of you, many thanks and love,



17 thoughts on “HOWL SWEET IT IS!! “The Wolf’s Moon” by Patrick Jones NEW #AUDIOBOOK RELEASE FROM #AUDIBLE #ACX!

  1. Congratulations Patrick, I think the audiobook is a great idea – as a librarian I know that only around 5% of books are produced in large print or audio which means that for visually impaired people, there’s much less choice of reading. But also, as you’ve pointed out, they’re great for those who don’t have time to sit down and read, but could listen in the car, while exercising, so many possibilities.


    • Thank you so much, Andrea!! It’s a great idea for those folks! I did get a note from a fan about the audiobook and how she loved it while driving and then missed her exit 30 minutes past! So I warned her about paying attention to the road!! I think I am going to put it in a post! Have a great week!

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  2. Congrats on “The River”. I enjoyed hearing about your adventure with creating the audio book. That’s going to be the next stage of my “grand experiment with indie”… if I ever get the time. Hugs to you and Sandy.


    • Thank you so much, Teagan! The River is up next! Cover reveal coming soon! It has been an adventure. We have been working on it since end of January! Finally came to fruition! It takes HOURS of time proofing…fixing the book for the boo-boo’s that you find along the way…But what a fun project. GO FOR IT with yours!!!!!!!!!! And make the time…You are a great storyteller! Wendy Darling is a narrator…one of the above comments and she is on facebook…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big hugs!


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