The Legend Returns Launch

Congratulations to Lockie Young in the release of his new book, “The Legend Returns.” This promises to be a great read!

Lockie's Lectern

I am so grateful to everyone who came to my Launch Party on January 15th, and celebrated with me in my great fortune to present my new book to you all.

The Legend Returns is a story about a boy and his love of and respect for nature. When Ryan discovers an ancient secret, he realizes that the fate of an entire new species is in his small hands.

It would give me great pleasure if you would read my book, and let me know what you think in the form of a review. Reviews are like food for our Author’s souls. Good or bad a review helps us get a feel for our reader’s reactions to our works. I certainly don’t want to be putting out stories that are just so-so. I want to put out a book that will make my readers want more. Don’t worry, thick skin…

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2 thoughts on “The Legend Returns Launch

    • My pleasure, Lockie! I wasn’t able to make the launch party…so am late to the party…but hope this helps! It sounds like a great read and wishing you good luck in the launch! Take care, Pat and Sandy (Also…here is a suggestion for you…go to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog and you can be a featured author with your launch! Link is and tell him we sent you…great author promotion site…we will be on there soon too) 🙂

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