Advertise Your Book on Amazon—New Opportunity

Excellent post from Chris McMullen about the opportunity to advertise on Amazon through KDP Amazon Marketing Services


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There is a new opportunity available to advertise your book on Amazon.

How would you like to advertise your book directly on

That would be cool, huh?

What if you could do this on a modest budget?

Even better!

Well, now you can:

  • minimum campaign budget is $100
  • minimum bid is 2 cents
  • pay per click

But there’s a catch:

It’s only open to KDP Select authors.

I think it’s a nice benefit for enrolling in KDP Select, on top of current benefits like Kindle Unlimited.

So if you bid 2 cents, a campaign budget of $100 can net you 5000 clicks.

Higher bids are more likely to result in advertisements being shown and result in clicks. But then you get fewer clicks for your money, also.

I like that the charge is per click. You’re not charged when people see…

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10 thoughts on “Advertise Your Book on Amazon—New Opportunity

    • Yes…that is probably why they do that so more people will sign into Select! Always a catch! I just finished up trying it out. They have to review it and it takes 24-72 hours for them to get back to you. What is neat is that they bill you periodically 1,5,10,20 etc from the bank acct you designate up to the limit you put on it. Sounds like a good deal to get right to the customer at Amazon!


      • You can pick either by product (like if you like this maybe you will like this) or by interest (I picked Mystery/Thriller/Suspense). It will target those customers who are looking for a particular interest and then depending on how much you pay per click is how the advertisers bid on the ad…I started with 0.03 so we shall see! Started it today (or whenever they approve) and I will write a blog after about a month and see what results I get! I read that you can get more clicks if you have less interests so I just made it mystery/thriller/suspense for now and will evaluate as time moves on. It is a much better deal than say Google AdWords (I think) because you are right into the Amazon customer base. Keep you fingers crossed!


      • Well…so far I applied to run the ad and was rejected because of the book cover! There are about 2 pages of restrictions…no this and that and I think it is suggestive of violence or something. I have written them back so I could see just what they don’t like about the cover. So that will go right into the blog as well!! Given the list of rules they have, I am not sure anyone’s book would qualify unless it was a children’s book! We will see what they say!


      • Well…what is funny is that I wrote the help desk and asked them why they didn’t like the book cover and wouldn’t there be many more books that would not be approved too??? So then I got an acceptance note that my advertisement was running…Go figure! Now we will see how it works! Will keep you informed!


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