Chris The Story Reading Ape: The Man, The Ape, The Legend…


Chris The Story Reading Ape…Whaaaat?

When I first encountered Chris Graham, the man behind “The Story Reading Ape” I inquired as to what in the world was a story reading ape and how did he come up with that name?  He politely referred me to his about tsra page to explain the circumstances of his unique designation in the Blogosphere.  After all, everyone has to develop  their own brand…right?

On one of my next encounters with Chris, he introduced me to his favorite “characters” who back up his really mean emails reminding authors to send him their stories so that he can feature them on his blog.  At this point, I really became curious as to what this cyber person was all about!  As you can imagine, I in fact raised an eyebrow when he sent me this!!


As I continued to read on, I learned that Chris Graham (no -e- after Graham) is a multifaceted individual, the likes of which I have never before encountered in the real world!  His character boasts a reputation throughout the blogging realm of a dedication to the author and their success in the world of publishing!  There is no fee, just the satisfaction that he gets from helping fellow author/bloggers/people just… because!

Chris also featured me, Patrick Jones, author of “The Wolf’s Moon” just a few weeks ago.  I am now on the “infamous” Hall of Fame as well.  This I am truly proud to be a part of.   It was one of the most difficult “interviews” that I ever had because the assignment was to write about myself in the first person.  I really had to look introspectively in order to decide what to write about!  I finally decided to write about the book signing from my point of view as the author.  It was a day I will never forget and will live on forever!  I hope that you enjoy the story!

Please make sure to add Chris The Story Reading Ape in your author platform to promote yourself!  You will find his #Author Submission Guidelines at the top of his blog.  Good luck!!

66 thoughts on “Chris The Story Reading Ape: The Man, The Ape, The Legend…

  1. Chris is an exemplary human (ape) that will go the distance in supporting authors in any way that he can. I am humbled to be his friend and to be a part of his Author Hall of Fame. Chris is one in a million! You gotta love that ape (man)!

    Thanks for highlighting his talents, Patrick! You are a good man too!


    • Who could not love that great Ape…er…Man!! I think he must work non-stop and knows every single person on social media! Would love to meet him in person sometime, but I think he is too shy!! I still think we should all meet in the middle…say Jamaica…for an author/writer/blogger conference!! Thanks so much…I try to be! I am sure you are a good woman too 🙂 Take care 🙂


    • He is simply terrific! He does so very much for everyone and is such a valuable resource for authors! Except for the tremendous amount of bananas he goes through 🙂 Thanks for visiting and glad we are both on the “Hall of Fame”!!


  2. Chris has shared invaluable information with me as well but I haven’t caught up to that point yet also because of his recent posts about authors, I finally did a proper about page, which is the last thing I wanted to do and have waited five months. Thanks Chris and Sally (who is a great help to us authors too)!

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Nice one Patrick you score extra points if you can get TSRA to blush.. He is a great friend to us all and when we manage to get our annual bloggers conference organised in some exotic location (20…..) TBA – he is in charge of the entertainment.. but not the refreshments… love bananas but not three times a day…. great tribute..

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  4. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    Another loving ode to our beloved TSRA. (Of course we’re not at all frightened of those tennis ball in stocking muscles. Ahem.) Chris has supported me on my Indie trip all the way. His support of Indie writers, editors, cover designers and every other writing related guy in the SP industry is amazing. Chris doesn’t publish his own work yet (chicken), so it’s all about total support of Indies for him. He is honest and fair – he’ll ignore you pretty well if what you publish doesn’t come up to his high standards. I’ve had the amazing experiences of his absolute professionalism designing the covers of my Sci-Fi books, as well as him using his talent as a professional designer of buildings and other stuff – true story – to create the most awesome book trailers. No more to say – follow… (Darth Vader’s voice with images of R2D2 used absolutely without permission of any sort.)

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    • Hahahaha Jo!! What a great peak into his secret world!!! Tennis ball in stocking muscles??? Hmmmmm….Interesting! Now you’re gonna be in trouble about telling his secrets…so DUCK QUICK! Those tennis balls are headed your way…ouch! 🙂

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  5. Patrick: thank you for writing about Chris. He gives so much space to others that it’s good to see someone giving space to him for a change. Chris is one of a kind. A generous soul who does much for authors. Thank you again, Chris, you ape person you!

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  6. OMG Patrick – you called HIM a monkey – duuuuuuuuck!!! Seriously though – he is my cover designer, and has made the most awesome trailer for my latest book – we should be working together soon for the trailer of my Shadow People series – all awesome covers designed by him. Chris is an awesome proponent for Indies everywhere and if you’re lucky – the best friend in the world. Seriously though – duck!!!!!

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  7. Shared thrice. Thrice? Yes, three times because we can’t say enough about this ape guy and his generosity to Authors the world over. Thanks Chris, and thanks Pat and Sandy, because I suspect you guys are a team in more than just marriage. Great Blog post 🙂

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    • Hahahaha Lockie! Well…I guess since we have lived together for so long we just think alike 🙂 But you are right…we can’t say enough about this great guy who helps everyone out there…how amazing is that? I sent him the link so if he hated it he could tell me to toss it… But hope he likes it!

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