No-brainer – by Author Ailsa Abraham

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2014-11-06 AilsaThank you so much for letting me come back to babble at you, Ape. The chimps are taking good care of me so I’ll just sit here and witter on about writing while you finish off the peanut banana cake I brought, eh?

Ask most writers what they wish they had more of and the answer would probably be TIME. I was like that myself until a few months ago. I suffered from terminal author-distraction and even a bird sitting on the window-sill would get more attention than the deathless prose I was supposed to be finishing, or even worse, editing.

All that changed when, due to circumstances with which I will not bore you (still good at grammar, though) I suffered a bit of brain damage. Well, rather a lot really. Don’t get me wrong. I can dress myself and function fairly normally but as well as now…

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