There’s Just Something About the Feel of a Real Book You Can Hold in Your Hands…

Patrick Jones Author The Wolf's Moon, The Linden Chronicles Book 1

Patrick Jones, Author

I wrote a blog not long ago about how my daughter at two years of age received her first library card.

A couple of decades later she has a room full of books. Many of them I gave to her when I moved from St. Louis to Crawford County, Missouri.

She still is in the modern age and uses her computer for reading, but she’d rather have a book.

Although my son has almost every type of electronic device known for communication, he still has books for his three sons to read. The cherry wood bookcase has books so packed in that if he buys anymore, I’ll have to make another bookcase.

As for myself, I have no problem with the electronic devices. People who do use them buy my book (I hope). I just have a problem reading from them.

A book has a certain feel. A new book has a smell that differs from a used book to one that is very old.

Where I like turning pages, others like moving a finger. I can take a book to my cabin to read in the evening and not worry about batteries.

Last evening at the local grocery story, I saw a friend, Carol. Her mother is up in years and has been ill lately. Carol was with her mother while the doctors conducted testing.

While Carol waited with her mother between tests, she took out her Kindle and started reading. Carol was asked, by her mother, what she was doing.

She explained it was something she could use to read a book. Carol took the Kindle to her mother, demonstrating how it worked.

Smiling a most becoming smile, she asked Carol, “What will they think of next?”

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All Rights Reserved.

36 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About the Feel of a Real Book You Can Hold in Your Hands…

  1. I need the feel of a book in my hands, your description is perfect – it feel unnatural to read from a Kindle. My Godmother, age 83, reads books from her Kindle and adjusted like a twenty-something – who knew?

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    • Hi Bette!
      I miss bookstores where people browse through old and new books. The look of happiness on their faces when they find that one book can’t compare with that same feeling when they find it on a Kindle. Thanks! Pat


  2. You are right, even though I read a lot on my pc for kindle doing reviews, nothing feels like a book in my hand every once in a while I have to grab one to get that old familiar feel. I love books.


    • When you are holding the book, you become so much more a part of the story than on a Kindle. It’s almost as though the book itself actually draws you into the pages of the story. Thanks! Pat


  3. I love holding a book in my hands and turning the physical pages. I also love my Kindle because it is so convenient. I use them both equally. 🙂


  4. There’s nothing like the feel of a finger slipping under the next page ready to turn it once you finish the current one and the smell as you open the cover on an older book.I’m reassured by the weight of a real book in my hands, a kindle won’t damage a burglar when thrown.


    • So true, David!! A huge book to the side of the head is a great detriment to the burglar (however, a 9mm firearm is so much easier on the bookbinding)!! Even though the Kindle appears to turn the pages…and appears to open…it is just not the same feeling of anticipation as when you physically turn to the next part of the story! Thanks alot! Pat


  5. I will and do read on any device going… given the slightest opportunity 🙂 But I’m with you.. for choice, give me a book. Though quite how I’ll get them into the new place I don’t know… 🙂


  6. There is something about a book. I read a lot on the Kindle anymore. My bookshelves are overflowing, as is my Kindle stack. There are some books that I must have in print, I save my precious shelf space for those.

    I have one shelf designated for the autographed books of my author friends. And a small space I keep clear, just in case I ever manage to finish a story, because when I do, I want to smell the paper and ink. Feel the cover, because that will make it real.


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