The Wolf’s Moon – An Audio Book Update…

Wow! Check it out! “The Wolf’s Moon” audio book featured on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

From Pat & Sandy Jones

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“The Wolf’s Moon” Audio Bookis in the final production steps for release in August/September 2015 timeframe! Working with ACX Audible to bring the book to life has been a “THRILLING”experience with Mark Westfield of Westfield Audio Artsat the helm!

Please find a “SNEAK PEAK”of the retail audio sample below with an accompanying picture and short bio of Mark Westfield.

Just click on the Sound Cloud clip for a 5 minute sample, but make sure to LOCK THE DOORS AND WINDOWS FIRST!!! 🙂


Narrated by: Mark Westfield

Mark Westfield, Narrator Mark Westfield, Narrator

Mark Westfield’s Bio:

Westfield Audio Arts founder Mark Westfieldstarted as an intern in a small basement studio and was soon providing voice overs for local companies. He has also produced live and studio sound for touring acts, and…

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16 thoughts on “The Wolf’s Moon – An Audio Book Update…”

  1. This is fantastic news, Patrick. Why don’t you drop me an email and we can tailer an interview to your book focusing on your new audio release. 😉


      1. I’ve purchased a copy of your book, Patrick. It’s on my Kindle Fire as we speak, but I won’t get around to reading it for a while due to having others to read first. As for the interviews, I do prefer not to be influenced by other’s interviews. I try to stay original. 🙂


      2. 😀 I got one of those old-fashioned watchamacallits to put across the door along with deadbolts, chains n locks… ain’t nobody gittin’ nin ere! 😀


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