If “The Wolf’s Moon” was a Movie…

My wife and I have had some fun discussing who would be best to play the parts of the characters in my book, “The Wolf’s Moon.”

We have agreed on some and naturally disagreed on others.

Here is a kind of list – so far – subject to change.

1.  Mark Lansdowne/Mike Linden          Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler


2.  Warren Skruggs                                        Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour


3.  Sheriff Ralph Benson                          Michael Ironside Michael Ironside


4.  Lonny Skruggs                                      Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston


5.  Cindy Winters                                        Keira KnightlyKeira Knightley


6.  Tim Carter                                              Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr


7.  Robert Carter                                             Kurt RussellKurt Russell


8. Dora                                                           Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams


9.  Earl Stafford                                             Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid


10.  Collin Reed                                              Matt DamonMatt Damon

11.  Amy                                         Billie Piper

Billie Piper

Okay…okay…I know…we couldn’t afford any of them but it’s nice to dream, and since we’re dreaming let us know your suggestions for the parts!


25 thoughts on “If “The Wolf’s Moon” was a Movie…

  1. You guys know exactly which actors would make your fantastic characters come alive. I’ll bet you both had a great time coming up with these names, and what a great list to work from!


    • I had originally forgotten to add Billie to the list…she is such a fantastic Dr. Who actress! David Prosser said now all I need to do is present it to the movie makers and they can afford the actors 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mary!!

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  4. lol, I do that, too. A young Brad Pitt for Gaelen, Clive Owen for Klast (as he was in Elizabeth the 1st), Kate Winslett (as she was on Titanic) for Marja. Still haven’t found the right one for Brensa but Kiera Knightly comes close. Did you know that I have a good producer, and an unknown screen writer interested? Not holding my breath but it feels good just the same.


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