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For some authors writing their bio might be a daunting task.  But it’s important to give it the same attention as you do when writing your books or an avatar

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A Christmas Thought…

Patrick Jones

The past week, I have been working on the sequel to “The Wolf’s Moon” and “The River.”

Working on the new book, I almost forgot that it is Christmas time!

Maybe it’s because it has been so warm.  There hasn’t been any snow and the cold spells have been brief.

Regardless, there is so much in my private life to be thankful for.

The last three years have been tough but through it all, my wife stood by my side.   My family and friends were all there for me in prayer and presence helping me through to this season.

Christmas is a time (for me at least) to say that it is a time to forgive, and remember the reason we have Christmas.

Not everyone believes in Christ and that’s okay.  They don’t have to but I hope they celebrate the time of family.

I ask that all look into the eyes of a child and think about them.

Not every child will have presents under a tree – if they even have a tree.  That is why I so endorse the Toys for Tots by the USMC – Reserve.  There are so many other organizations that collect toys, clothes and food.

Please become a part of that.

Even if you are living in another country, find where you can help people not as lucky.

Then you too can stand and say “Semper Fidelis” – Always Faithful.

You may not believe in God, but why chance it…just in case…

Thanks for your friendship and prayers!

Merry Christmas!  – Pat


If “The Wolf’s Moon” was a Movie…

My wife and I have had some fun discussing who would be best to play the parts of the characters in my book, “The Wolf’s Moon.”

We have agreed on some and naturally disagreed on others.

Here is a kind of list – so far – subject to change.

1.  Mark Lansdowne/Mike Linden          Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler


2.  Warren Skruggs                                        Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour


3.  Sheriff Ralph Benson                          Michael Ironside Michael Ironside


4.  Lonny Skruggs                                      Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston


5.  Cindy Winters                                        Keira KnightlyKeira Knightley


6.  Tim Carter                                              Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr


7.  Robert Carter                                             Kurt RussellKurt Russell


8. Dora                                                           Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams


9.  Earl Stafford                                             Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid


10.  Collin Reed                                              Matt DamonMatt Damon

11.  Amy                                         Billie Piper

Billie Piper

Okay…okay…I know…we couldn’t afford any of them but it’s nice to dream, and since we’re dreaming let us know your suggestions for the parts!


A Letter of Appreciation…

In the past, I have blogged about the “Chili-Cook-off” in Bourbon, Missouri.  I even put the event in my book, “The Wolf’s Moon,” but placed in the town of Maple Hills.

Part of the cook-off is a raffle, which I donate a copy of “The Wolf’s Moon” and this year I also donated a copy of “The River.”

Next year, I hope to donate another novel as well. (It’s well on its way to the finish line).

This year many more people donated items for the raffle.  All the proceeds go to the local school district.

It was a wonderfully sunny , warm October Saturday for such a get-together, all sponsored by the Town & Country Bank.

Ken Roberts spends half of an hour singing as Elvis Presley.

Crawford Country Electric allows a “bucket” truck to give rides with Mark operating the controls.

Then there is a silent auction and that wonderful standard: The Cake Walk!

Pat Thompson, the Superintendent of the School District, can be seen walking about greeting parents and students.

Carol Hoffstetter, the Vice President of Town & Country Bank, is the M.C.  Carol is also a member of the school board as is Mark.

The reason that I even mention this is last week in the postal mail I received a Certificate of Appreciation for  my donations.

My wife, Sandy, quickly found an empty picture frame and set the certificate inside.  It was a wonderful gesture of my wife to frame it as well as from the staff at Town & Country Bank who sent it.

I know by now, most of who started reading this have long moved on before finishing.  I should say that it doesn’t matter but it does.

This is my Certificate of Appreciation to all the participants who work so hard and invest their time for the children of Crawford County R-I school district.

Thank you all and may the Good Lord remember each of you.

United with our Friends Across the Pond…Royaume avec nos amis à travers l’étang

Children at Beach

First in French, and then followed by English.
Ordinairement, je garde mes distances de la politique. Je pense que la politique est comme la religion ou les saveurs de crème glacée.
Après vendredi dernier, je ne vais pas pour être tranquille.
L'été dernier, ma fille et petite-fille ont passé plusieurs semaines en Grande-Bretagne. Pendant qu'ils étaient là, ils ont passé la journée à Paris, la ville des lumières.
Les gens que je l'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer de la France sont des gens merveilleux. Ils ne sont pas différents de nous, ils parlent seulement une langue différente.
Je suis resté jusqu'à vendredi soir (vendredi 13) et regardé Fox Nouvelles et Shepard Smith rapport que la terreur se déroulait à Paris.
Je regardais les rues ont été inondées de gens qui courent pour leur vie, couverts de sang; le sang de ces malheureux qui se trouvaient blessé ou pire - morts.
Peut-être que certains ne peuvent pas imaginer regarder dans les yeux d'un homme ou d'une femme morte. Ou encore la peur sur les visages comme ils vous demander de ne pas les laisser mourir et il n'y a pas un putain de chose que vous pouvez faire.
Je pense que des monstres qui ont causé la mort tous. Monster est pas un mot assez fort. La langue anglaise ne possède pas un mot pour désigner un tel mal.
Ces animaux qui ont causé tout le carnage apprécié la mort qu'ils pleuvent sur les hommes et les femmes non armés qui étaient pour un vendredi soir avec leurs amis et familles.
Un moment vous, oui vous, êtes assis à une table sur le trottoir, en dégustant une tasse de café avec des amis ou que l'un ami spécial que vous aimez delà de l'amour, et la prochaine il n'y a rien, sauf le chaos; un chaos inconnu qui ne peut pas être mis en mots.
Je me suis senti chanceux et reconnaissant à Dieu que ma fille et petite-fille ont passé des jours merveilleux à travers l'étang, rencontrer des gens qu'ils vont E-mail pour les années à venir.
Au moins, je l'espère et je prie Dieu au-dessus qu'ils seront en mesure de le faire.
La France a déclaré la guerre. Tant mieux pour eux.
Avons-nous besoin d'un autre 9-11 de se tenir à côté de notre allié le plus long? Je ne prie pas.
I love ma fille et petite-fille ...
Ordinarily, I keep my distance from politics. I feel that politics is like religion or flavors of ice cream.
  After last Friday, I am not going to be quiet.
  Last summer, my daughter and granddaughter spent several weeks in Great Britain. While they were there they spent the day in Paris, the City of Lights. 
  The people I have had the pleasure of meeting from France are wonderful people. They are no different from us they just speak a different language. 
  I stayed up Friday night (Friday the 13th) and watched Fox News and Shepard Smith report as the terror was taking place in Paris. 
  I watched as the streets were flooded with people running for their lives, covered in blood; the blood of those unfortunate people who lay wounded or worse - dead. 
  Maybe some cannot imagine looking into the eyes of a dead man or woman. Or yet the fear on the faces as they ask you not to let them die and there is not a damn thing you can do.
 I think of the monsters that caused all the death. Monster is not a strong enough word. The English language does not have a word to denote such evil. 
  Those animals that caused all of the carnage enjoyed the death that they rained over unarmed men and women that were out for a Friday evening with their friends and families.
 One moment you, yes you, are sitting at a curbside table, enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or that one special friend that you love beyond love, and the next there is nothing except chaos; an unknown chaos that cannot be put into words. 
  I felt lucky and grateful to God that my daughter and granddaughter spent wonderful days across the pond, meeting people they will e-mail for years to come. 
  At least I hope and pray to God above that they will be able to do that. 
  France has declared war. Good for them. 
  Do we need another 9-11 to stand next to our longest ally? I pray not. 
  I love my daughter and granddaughter...

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. . Not even 7 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah… Holiday Gift Campaigns, Book Sales Campaigns, or the launch of a new book: I have seen it too many times,

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stack of wood

Author Interview: The Amazing Patrick Jones

Great feature author interview of from the illustrious Dan Alatorre blog!! Thanks so much for posting on Halloween!

The Wolf’s Moon Universal link:

The River Universal Link:

Dan Alatorre

sandy 3 Author Patrick Jones

We have a lot of terrific authors that follow the blog. Patrick Jones is not only a great friend of the blog but a pretty prolific author, and this weekend he’s got a lot going on.

Sure, it’s Halloween for him like everybody else, but he’s running some sales on his books. The details are below, but take a moment to learn a little more about this insightful man – a kind of  modern day Indiana Jones in his own right – as he answers a few questions with me.



Dan: What is the working title of your next book?

1pj 11pj 2Patrick: My new book, “The River” (a short story) is now available on Amazon.

My last book, “The Wolf’s Moon” is also available on Amazon.

“The Wolf’s Moon” audiobook has also been newly released on the ACX Audible platform.


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#Smashwords Announces Distribution Expanded…

Hot off the press from Chris The Story Reading Ape!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My Thanks to Author Lorinda J Taylor for drawing my attention to this announcement.

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