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. . There are lots of pro’s and con’s regarding free books and authors are discussing this topic since years, just look at the KDP forums, this thread for

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Great article from Chris McMullen about the new Kindle Unlimited Program at Amazon. Thanks for your thorough review, Chris!


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Toward the end of July, 2014, Amazon introduced a new subscription service called Kindle Unlimited, which allows customers to read unlimited books for $9.99 (US price) per month.

  • This includes 100,000 traditionally published books in addition to 600,000 KDP Select books.
  • Most of the traditionally published books are from smaller publishers, but include some popular books such as Harry Potter.
  • Customers can borrow up to 10 different books at a time (whereas Amazon Prime allows just one borrow per month).
  • Kindle Unlimited only pays a royalty when a customer reaches 10% of the book’s length.
  • All Kindle Unlimited downloads affect sales rank, regardless of whether or not the customer reaches the 10% mark.
  • Royalties for Kindle Unlimited borrows have been as low as $1.30, down considerably from around $2 prior to Kindle Unlimited.
  • Many books receive numerous Kindle Unlimited borrows, while borrows were…

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Authors write off Amazon subscription model | Nation & World | The Seattle Times


Amazon 800 lb Gorilla

Amazon 800 lb Gorilla


I found this article about Amazon Kindle Unlimited very interesting.  It confirms what I have heard from other authors about the backlash to the author insofar as book sales.  Evidently, Kindle Unlimited is offered up by Amazon as a loss leader to draw in other sales.  However, the author is the one taking the loss, not Amazon. What are your thoughts on this new platform and what have you seen in your own sales numbers?

Authors write off Amazon subscription model | Nation & World | The Seattle Times.