Authors write off Amazon subscription model | Nation & World | The Seattle Times


Amazon 800 lb Gorilla

Amazon 800 lb Gorilla


I found this article about Amazon Kindle Unlimited very interesting.  It confirms what I have heard from other authors about the backlash to the author insofar as book sales.  Evidently, Kindle Unlimited is offered up by Amazon as a loss leader to draw in other sales.  However, the author is the one taking the loss, not Amazon. What are your thoughts on this new platform and what have you seen in your own sales numbers?

Authors write off Amazon subscription model | Nation & World | The Seattle Times.

7 thoughts on “Authors write off Amazon subscription model | Nation & World | The Seattle Times

  1. Hi Patrick, thank you for this post. I have not published yet, but, I was very interested in the article. I wanted to re-blog and could not find how to, but, I mentioned you and posted the link to Alex at “Notes from An Alien” Blog. Alex wanted to share the article with his readers. I hope that is ok with you and thank you. It is a very useful piece of information.


    • You’re welcome! I thought it of interest as well. Seems like the author is always “taking it on the chin” when it comes to making money from Amazon! It costs so much money just to produce an ebook and it seems the market has just been so flooded with freebies through the years that the people are just not paying anymore. Between that and the Amazon algorithm, it is a challenge just to find the readers in this market! No problem with reblogging…I think you can just reblog the post? Also, what I did with the original article is to use that little + add button and added it to my wordpress site. I think it should give you the option to reblog here? Thanks for visiting! Happy New Year!

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  2. My overall sales were modest before the program, and since, I’ve not noticed a significant drop – but the added amount from the ‘rentals’, though small, is just that, additional income for me.


  3. Hard to say from my perspective, Patrick. As a brand new published author my book has not done terribly well so far (4 5 star reviews and not many sold). I signed up for the 90 day KU deal right off the bat, not knowing one way or the other whether it was a good deal for authors.

    My 90 days has just ended and I will be looking into other ways to market it – I believe I can now put it on such sites as Kobo, etc. So I will see how it goes.


    • Let us know if you do that how it goes for you! Good luck with the marketing…that is the hardest part of all trying to figure out where the readers are I think! Thanks for visiting! Happy New Year 2015!!


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