Pay With a Tweet – And How it Works

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A great way to introduce your upcoming book to readers is to write a prequel in form of a short free book, including links to your book sales page or your website. But how to let as many readers as possible know about your free one – and at the same time about your new upcoming book?  Use the help of Social Media and let your free book or other written content go viral via Twitter by re-tweeting to your customers friends and followers. Nowadays it’s sometimes more valuable to have people talking about your book than the money you would earn for it.

Sell Your Free Book for the Price of a Tweet
It’s a service that lets visitors access to your content without having to “pay” for it by giving up any personal information on a form — all they have to do is share…

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The Author’s Summer Adventure…Part II…Freebie Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th

super lab person

Hello to everyone!

This will be short but I want to thank everyone for their good thoughts, best wishes and prayers.

Since March, it has been something of a go.  Not all bad.  I hope to be back writing soon.  Cardiac Rehab is going well.  The doctor says I am doing remarkably well.

2 days ago was my three month anniversary for open heart surgery.  The scars are healing physically but putting my life back mentally is a challenge.  I have to remember to go slow!!  This time next year, the doctor says, I should be much better, maybe never 100% but much better.

I found a family that I thought I lost years ago.  I found a deeper faith in God.  I found friends I never knew I had.

All I can say is a deep felt thanks and I WILL be writing again soon!!

To celebrate, I am making “The Wolf’s Moon” e-book FREE on Amazon FRIDAY THE 13th and again on SATURDAY THE 14th of September 2013.  Please click on the book to go directly to AMAZON.  ENJOY and thanks again!


The Wolf's Moon by Patrick Jones


Happy Independence Day America!

Patrick Jones:

Happy 4th of July America! Great tips from Doris-Maria Heilmann to enjoy the occasion!

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To all Readers, Writers, Publishers, Editors … just to everyone who loves books: enjoy a wonderful July 4th!  Embrace reading, writing, American literature – and the outdoors. Here some tips to do just that:

100 Best American Authors
Goodreads made a list of American authors who write about the American experience.  From F.Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain to Margaret Mitchell, Jack Kerouac and John Irving – their most famous books are described in this great list of the 100 best American Authors.  Wikipedia compiled a huge alphabetical list of American novelists.

Writer’s Calendar
The AWP Writer’s Calendar contains a list of upcoming events for writers; deadlines for grants, awards, and calls for submission; and deadlines for AWP contests and programs.

Writers Residency in the USA
Writers and artists residency are often listed together. Some are fully funded without fees; some are…

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♨ Happy Birthday, Canada!

Patrick Jones:

Happy Birthday Canada!

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More important events have taken place in Canada on July 1 than on any other day of the year, but first place will always be retained by Confederation Day, 1867.  This was Canada’s birthday, although Canada then included only Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

A very Canadian vision by Nancy Rose

© Nancy Rose .
Give someone special a squirrel  calendar (I guarantee you won’t regret it!!)

Most nations were born of adversity, unhappy occasions, often due to war.  Canada was born of diversity, a curious blending of races, geography and economics.

For the most part, her birthday was a happy occasion.  In Ottawa, church bells began ringing after midnight, June 30.  There was also a 101-gun salute, while 21-gun salutes were fired in other centres.  In Saint John and Halifax, however, a number of merchants were so opposed to Confederation that they draped their stores in crêpe!

There was…

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Update on The Author’s Summer Hospital Adventure!

Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to make sure to provide an update on Patrick Jones this morning.  He has had an incredible summer adventure so far!  I am sure he does not think it incredible, but he is alive nonetheless!  super lab person

Earlier this year, Pat had a bought with pneumonia, or so we thought.  It turned out to improve somewhat, but the antibiotics and steroids did not do the trick after 2-3 regiments.  Thus began a series of Emergency Room visits that all ended with sending him home with no resolution.

Finally, we changed the ER room to another hospital, where the adventure began!  They immediately found an issue with the bladder as well as with the heart.  They could not fix the heart issue until they resolved the bladder issue because they did not want to introduce heparin after a cardiac operation for bleeding reasons.  So he, in effect, got a double “whammy” with this illness.  He had bladder surgery the first of June followed by a CABG x 5 procedure on June 10th.  They refer to the cardiac bypass operation as a “CABG” which means cardiac artery bypass graft.  Having studied some of the technical information, I have found this to be an extremely complicated and life-saving procedure.  I have also googled the cardiac bypass information and watched one of the videos on how they actually perform the procedure.  It is incredibly impressive how they even know how to find all of the vessels to fix.  Pat had 5 arteries bypassed.  He is alive.  He was fortunate not to have had a heart attack or stoke beforehand…that is for sure.  This also provided him the advantage in the healing process. Title: Coronary art... Title: Coronary artery bypass surgery Image ID: 657 B Photographer: Jerry Hecht Restrictions: Public Domain Image Date: 10/1/1981 Slovenščina: Kardiovaskularna kirurgija: koronarni bypass arterije. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat was in the hospital for a week with the bladder and then a week and a half latter went through the CABG procedure.  He has been out of the hospital now for a week and a half and is not quite ready to begin writing at this point.  He is progressing as expected, but it is a long road to recovery.  His biggest problem is wanting to go out and mow and weed whack and work in the garden, but the strength he will need is to NOT do those sorts of things right now.  It is kind of like keeping a wild animal caged!!  :)  He is learning to follow the rules albeit reluctantly, but the extra exertion reinforces the need for rest!  For being out of the hospital for a week and a half, he is doing fantastic!

I look forward for him to begin writing again soon in the next couple two or three weeks.  Right now his focus is on healing and resting.  He wishes everyone well and misses all of you and is anxious to get back in the saddle.  Until then, I thought I would write a quick note to let you know why he hasn’t been blogging and writing lately.  He should be bionic soon!

Take care and stay well.  More information to follow.  MM900283559

Sandy Jones

Gordon A. Long Talks About His New Book, “A Sword Called…Kitten?”

Please Welcome Gordon A. Long to the Blog Hop at The Linden Chronicles!  We are all anxious to hear about Gordon’s new WIP!  Thanks for visiting, Gordon!SWORD COVER SMALL

Gordon A. Long is a writer/editor/playwrite/director in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. His fantasy novel, “A Sword Called…Kitten? Is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon at Long

The second book in the series, “Excisor” is due in September this year.

His social commentary, “Why Are People So Stupid?” is available as an e-book at and at

and in paperback at

He has two blogs,

The Renaissance Writer,    

 Are People Really That Stupid?

He can be contacted at:

What is the working title of your next book?

Excisor. Which means it’s either something about the tax man or the story of a tooth that cuts things out. I’ll leave the reader to imagine which.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

It’s the sequel to “A Sword Called…Kitten?” which was based on the personality of my cat. Then I got a new puppy who is very much a character, but he didn’t get along with the cat. I couldn’t resist.

What genre does your book fall under?

Humorous Fantasy. Or Romantic Comedy. That’s the trouble with being creative. I put a book up on Smashwords, and they ask me to put it in a category, and there’s no category for fantasy humour. I guess they never heard of Terry Pratchet or Piers Anthony.

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

A Healer struggles to fulfill the needs of her people and to keep her infant Magic Scalpel under control, hampered by racial prejudice, revolution, and a Magic Sword who won’t be serious.

Since this is a series, the setting must be important. What might interest the reader about the setting?

Inderjorn is a late medieval realm with a disrupted past. About 200 years ago the original people, a blond, nordic-type race, were invaded by the Maridons, a dark-haired, hispanic-type race. The resulting mix has never quite come together. Most nobles are Maridon, but not all. Most commoners are Inderjornese, but not all. Think Norman England, about 1200.

Then, of course, there’s the Magic. Inderjornese of the Blood, or former ruling class, are Sensitive to the emotions of others. Exceptionally talented Magicians can communicate speech, and even sway the minds of weaker people. However, a Sensitive can use an outside agency, such as a Magic Sword, to ease the communication of actual words and images.

The main character is a young Magic Sword with a chequered past of her own and a burning desire for a Name of honour and glory. This she achieves, rather against her will, in the first book of the series.

In the second book, racial tensions erupt. Maridons are becoming Sensitives as well, without the years of lore and social convention that the natives have available to control their Powers. Kitten throws her weight behind Eirlin the Healer, the only one with the Power to Heal the realm. But will Eirlin grow to meet the challenge in time?

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I’m a starting-up publisher, so my book will be handled by Airborn Press. Which at the moment is me. I am working on some other people’s projects, so I hope to soon have some more authors in my stable. Submissions gladly accepted.

What other books would you compare this to within your genre?

It doesn’t really compare. The curse of originality. I have always been a fan of Terry Pratchett, but my humour is very different from his. I have my own brand of humour, rather sharp and (I hope) witty, with a touch of the ridiculous for colouring. Oscar Wilde was one of my heroes as well. Sorry about the indefinite answer. I guess you’ll just have to read it and find out.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I have been an Anne McCafferey fan for ages. One of the universal human fantasies is a powerful animal you can communicate with telepathically. Then I discovered Terry Pratchett. I mean, traditional fantasy has a fairly limited appeal, and one can get sated quite quickly. Adding humour refreshes my interest. Humour and creativity like Pratchett’s has refreshed my interest for about 15 years.

What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

A rather unusual love story, a couple of very different sword fights, and a psychotic villainess with dual personalities. Also, this story is completely told from the POV of the Sword

How to Improve Your Amazon Sales Page

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One of the greatest benefits of selling your e-book (or paper book) at Amazon is the space they provide you to “advertise” your work.  If you are a savvy author, take advantage of this marvelous opportunity and insert as much information about your writing and yourself as you can. 

Look at it from the standpoint of a reader; which e-book or book would you buy: The one that shows just a boring cover, name of the author, and a very short introduction to the book – or the one that:

- has a beautiful cover
- an all-embracing editorial review
- an authors bio with a portrait
- lots of customer reviews

So, what can you do to improve your appearance on Amazon and improve book sales? A lot indeed! Starting with an appealing cover, detailed editorial review, a marvelous author’s bio and lots and lots of customer…

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