50 Web Links to Let Your Book Go Viral!

Patrick Jones:

Excellent information from Doris-Maria Heilmann at Savvy Writers & e-Books!

Originally posted on Savvy Writers & e-Books online:


PART ONE Tips to “Advertise” your Book for FREE:  Forums / Networks / Book Communities / Book Bloggers – all this means free show casing of your book and free PR.  

For your book to sell, you need to create the demand. You need an audience, a platform – which you will get when your book is showing up on many websites and forums, visible to readers, bloggers and to book reviewers.

Here are fifty links to top websites for you and tomorrow’s blog post will bring you even more!


  1.        http://www.wattpad.com/
  2.        http://www.kindlemojo.com
  3.        http://blog.booksontheknob.org/
  4.        http://www.askdavid.com/free-book-promotio
  5.        http://www.goodreads.com/
  6.        http://www.booktalk.org/
  7.        http://www.booktalk.com/authors/
  8.        http://www.librarything.com/
  9.        http://www.shelfari.com/
  10.        http://authonomy.com
  11.        http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums

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…txtg nd riting n d mdern way is hrd… I’m 2 old 4 dis sht…

Patrick Jones:

Cn u mptze with dis?

Originally posted on Seumas Gallacher:

…it’s a given that each successive generation as it ages has occasion to shake its communal head and mutter, ‘wasn’t like that when we were growing up’…  or other such epithets… the continuous search for the elusive ‘balance’between ‘progress’ and retention of the ‘old and trusted ways of doing things’ is never going away… Twitter and the advent of mobile communication devices have spawned a whole new generation with a language all of its own… textese… the art of crucifying the English spoken WURD on a wee screen…


…the almost virtual obliteration of the vowel has made it clearly an endangered species… interchanging numerals for real phrases and WURDS is sum’thing that used to appear only on gimmicky quiz shows decades ago… acronyms replace entire paragraphs… and I dare say at some stage ‘War and Peace’ will be reduced to a couple of hundred squiggly characters on some…

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Halloween Treat: Daughter of Light & Dark Ch’kara Silverwolf

Daughter of Light & Dark is the first in a series from Ch’Kara Silverwolf.

Please welome Ch’kara Silverwolf! 

Click on the picture for the link to Daughter of Light & Dark.




Website: http://www.chkarasilverwolf.com
Blog:        http://www.sheerak.wordpress.com
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/ladychkara


This is the story of Montayna, a young woman born of both light and dark magik who never knew her parents.

She earns her freedom with a bit of magik even she was hardly aware of, but her skill is growing and she needs to find answers. Who is she? Where did her powers come from? To find those answers she sets out on a journey of discovery, both inward and outward, of dark mysteries as well as light. Will she master them, or they her?

She is inexperienced and faces incredible dangers in the course of her quest to defeat the darkness that is spreading across the land.

Her journey takes her through a landscape of wizards, elves, faeries and wolves, as she throws herself headlong into the fray to rid her world of the threat by the Dark Lord.

It is a journey that will eventually change Montayna as well as the world around her.


Ch’kara SilverWolf lives in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia with her ever-patient partner and two beautiful Maine Coon cats.

She travelled around the world in her early twenties worked in the film industry in London for ten years. Then spent a year travelling in America, and after returning to Australia worked in Advertising, as well as doing volunteer work for several years in her spare time, before settling down to write seriously.
Daughter of Light & Dark is her first full length novel, and is the first in a trilogy ‘Prophecy of Nitesh’. She has written many short stories and a few not quite finished novels. Ch’kara has always had a love of fantasy, magik and the esoteric. Her interests are in “storytelling, medieval folk lore & myth, fantasy art”.

Ch’kara has always had a love of mystical and fantasy creatures, she loves the characters from her writing,they are like old friends who come alive on the pages.

Some of her favourite authors and artists are Traci Harding, Terry Brooks, Sara Douglass, Kate Forsyth, Selina Fenech, Jessica Galbreth, and Ravynne Phelan

Halloween Is Coming – The Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones:

The Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones looks fabulous against Ch’kara SilverWolf’s site! Thank you for featuring The Wolf’s Moon!

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Halloween contribution is from The Wolf’s Moon by fellow author Patrick Jones. I love wolves and have this book on my kindle waiting to be read.

Patrick_COVER_IMAGE thumbnail CS new orig 10072012DESCRIPTION

Extinct beast comes to life, stalks Ozarks town in new novel

In “The Wolf’s Moon,” Patrick Jones writes a suspense thriller where one man must hunt down a mysterious wolf that preys upon the people of a small town

In “The Wolf’s Moon,” author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. An unknown group of scientists has genetically engineered a Dire Wolf into the present day. Allegedly extinct, the ferocious beast preys upon the innocent people of Maple Hills.

To hunt and kill the beast, the town folk will have to rely on the tracking feats of Mark Lansdowne. He is a reluctant hero, still mourning the loss of…

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Interview with Patrick Jones, author of The Wolf’s Moon by 111 Publishing Doris-Maria Heilmann

Great Interview with Patrick Jones, author of The Wolf’s Moon on 111Publishing with Doris-Maria Heilmann.  Please click on the book to refer to the interview.

Final Book Cover The Wolf's Moon

The New 48 Year Old Beach Boys Hit That Just Went Viral as Featured by Glenn Beck

This article from Glenn Beck is about the 48 year old Beach Boys hit “God only knows” that went viral.  Here is the video.

For a Full List of the Musicians, please refer to the bottom of the Glenn Beck article for names and placements in the picture.  Enjoy!