He’s Just A Guy…

The Scary Guy

The other day, my wife introduced me to a very interesting man. His name is “The Scary Guy.”

Yeah, that’s right. He said he legally changed his name.

After viewing the first video, I was hooked.

Physically, he is imposing. He’s big and I don’t think that there is a square inch of his body that isn’t tattooed. Yep, arms, hands, head and face are all covered.

If one saw him on the street, they would think he was, at the very least, a biker but probably someone much worse.

They’d be wrong…very wrong.


Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones, author


I am scarier than he is and I think I’m a nice guy. I try to be nice because I want to be nice. It is hard and I am not a nice guy all the time.



Try as you might, I don’t think you could piss him off.

Listen to him on one of his videos.

He goes to schools and speaks to students about being nice and not being judgmental about a person’s physical appearance.

What Scary is telling them is not everyone looks like a model. Not everyone can be physically fit.

One thing that everyone has is feelings. Sometimes words can hurt worse than a punch to the gut.

I have found throughout the years that people want to be liked. They want to know that their lives mean something.

We all want that.

The Scary Guy with UK kids

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk /news/4744426.Scary_Guy_visits_Bushey/ Watford Observer: Photograph of the Author Adam Binnie, Web content editor / Tuesday 17 November 2009 / News

“The Scary Guy” shows these young men and women that they can be nice. More than that, they can be individuals. They do not have to be in “The In Crowd.” People can look at others and see another person from the inside.

It costs nothing to be kind.

Will his words be heard?
Will his actions be seen?
Will he be remembered?
Maybe, just maybe…

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