Why it is Smart to Get Your Own ISBN | Savvy Book Writers

. . In a recent blog post I mentioned the findings of the January 2015 Author Earnings Report: 30% of the e-books being purchased in the U.S. do not use

Source: Why it is Smart to Get Your Own ISBN | Savvy Book Writers

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16 thoughts on “Why it is Smart to Get Your Own ISBN | Savvy Book Writers

  1. I got my own ISBN numbers, although one of the issues I discovered later on is that American libraries do not accept books with ISBN numbers that are not those of the distributors (I publish in Amazon and through Draft2Digital in quite a few places, but using my own ISBN numbers)


    • That’s interesting, Olga! I haven’t done it yet, but am considering for the next book to try all the channels. I do Create Space now with Amazon exclusive and it seems to work. BTW…there is a post coming out tomorrow AM at 8:00 AM Central Time US about Scary and mentioned all three blogs you did at the bottom of the post! Hope that helps!! He’s a gem, isn’t he? Thanks for introducing him to us 🙂 Also, The Wolf’s Moon and The River are free on Oct 29 30 and 31 if you like! Have a great day!!


    • Thanks Teagan! I haven’t done my own yet…but am considering it for the next book. My platform is Create Space now and I am happy with them, but am thinking that maybe the next one would open up some new avenues? Maybe next year. Hope your Sunday is grand as well 🙂 🙂 🙂


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